Sunday, June 07, 2015

Still Unexplained, Strange Inconsistencies in Aurora Trial, Who is "The Joker"?

Most media outlets are now reporting that "The Joker" was not an influence on James Holmes and he dyed his hair red because "it symbolizes bravery" (the Joker's hair is green). ABCNews reference #5 - So, the question that immediately springs to my mind is: who is "the Joker"?

Case in point, there is still the strange phone call to Dave Aragon, as reported here by the Daily Mail. Keep in mind that Dave Aragon himself said he cannot prove that the call was made by James Holmes and that the person identifying themselves as James Holmes talked about "the Joker".

Archived content of

Some details online not widely reported on by the mainstream media are a series of faked Dave Aragon social media pages created on June 20, 2012 and a domain viewable on the internet archive called (referenced in the social media pages). The domain's content claims the site had been up and running either in April 2012 or possibly prior to that. The domain (type it into wayback machine here) also lists "Suffocator of Sins" at the top. These facts are often not mentioned in mainstream media.

Also, there is some interesting information about the alleged text message threats sent to Lynne Fenton a month prior to the shooting in this Youtube video. The reference that "Thomas Brinkley" is making about an asian accent is related to one of the strange blogs written by Jonathan Lee Riches ( and Was the call made from someone pretending to be Yeom Pho Lee? Is that why he was initially a person of interest?

Reports: Police Seek Second Person of Interest in Aurora Theater Shooting

If this case interests you, I would really recommend watching this discussion. These alleged text message threats seem to have occurred close to the timeline of June 20, 2012, when all the social media pages appeared to have gone up.

There really seem to be some loose ends in this case that deserve further examination. Was someone else involved? I think it is appropriate at this point to ask.

There are some very strange connections which I document here.

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