Thursday, June 04, 2015

Update: Aurora Trial

It is now several days into the AUrora theater shooting trial and I have to say the prosecuation is making an excellent case against James Holmes. Now that the notebook has been released and many of the psychiatric evaluation videos, it is clear that James Holmes was the shooter. But there are still questions in my mind about whether or not he acted alone or whether he had help in some capacity.

There is still the matter of a clearly faked photo (Holmes face appears overlaid with a photo of a young Jack Nicholson), the website (viewable on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine), and all of those faked Dave Aragon social media profiles created on June 20, 2012.

Did someone had prior knowledge of events to come. Who was it? James Holmes made a notebook, did he also discuss with others online what his plan was? Did he make these Dave Aragon social media pages? Was it someone else and somehow they backdated this to associate themselves in some twisted way?

I will be reviewing some of these issues in a future post.

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