Sunday, August 13, 2017

Was Car Wreck at White Nationalist Event in Charlotte Purposeful? Or Was the Car Wreck a Result of Irresponsible Acts of Protestors?

You can see the car approaching slowly until someone smacks the back of the car. Then it accelerates and swerves wildly only after the strike. The driver apparently panicked after the initial attack. This video shows someone smack the back of the car just before the wreck at about 4 seconds into the video:

There is a mark visible on the car just before the accident in this photo approximately where the car was stricken. Notice that the brake lights are lit.

The car was fully stopped when attacked by several people wielding bats and clubs.

At about 50:21, the same group of "protestors" attacks a Lexus earlier in the day. The bumper is kicked, rocks and a bottle are thrown in the video. This was an established pattern of behavior for the day.

This is a screenshot from the video showing the kick to the Lexus.

This man was clearly fleeing for his life and/or trying to protect his car. Update: James Alex Fields Jr. appears to have been photographed with Vanguard America according to the NY Times. However, the group denies that he is a member of the group. The victim in the car crash was identified as Heather Heyer, age 32.

Really don't think he was there to harm people as he could have easily took out about 40 people if he meant to. And if he was not attacked with bat wielding morons, the number of people injured probably would have been alot less.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Portland train stabber was Bernie supporter

At the point where Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary, he considered voting for Trump in spite, but could not bring himself to vote for Trump in the end.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Undeniable Evidence Mounting Hillary has Parkinsons Disease

Involuntary finger movement:

Involuntary abnormal eye movement (out of sync):

Dr Ted Noel explains Hillary's abnormal eye movement and link to Parkinson's Disease:

Is Obama a US citizen? Sure. Is he a "Natural-born" US Citizen? No.

Obama Not a Natural Born US citizen

The "racist lie" that Obama was not born in the US at all was started by staffers of Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is not a "racist lie" that Barack Obama's father was a citizen of Kenya. "Natural born" should mean that both of your parents are US citizens and that you were born in the US or in a territory of the US.

The Constitution requires the President to not just be a US Citizen. Article II Section 1 Clause 5 (the Natural Born citizen clause), specifically distinguishes Natural Born and a "citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution" (Obama was obviously not a citizen in 1787). It does not say that solely a US "citizen" can be President. It says that the President MUST be a natural born citizen. This was done to prevent a US President from having dual citizenship, as Barack Obama has. His father was Kenyan, therefore he may have some allegiance to the nation of Kenya. And Obama also has dual citizenship because he was a citizen of Indonesia as Barry Soetoro.

That is not racist, as anyone can legally immigrate to the United States and then have a "natural born citizen" child. If someone was white and their father was a citizen of Ireland, they would also be ineligible according to the plain language of the US Constitution. The simple fact is that Barack Obama is ineligible to be the President of the United States. If the Constitution needs to be changed, then legally do so. To override the law without changing it is not how this country should work. If so, I could go and override any law I found personally offensive or wrong. It just is not how things should work - and it doesn't. Doing so opens a can of worms that is just not going to end well.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016

FBI being investigated for misconduct in Finicum shooting

Full Story

Shocking cellphone video captures events from inside Robert "Lavoy" Finicum's vehicle. FBI agents may have lied about not firing "mystery" shots.

The following video seems to contradict officials' statements that the shooting was "justified."

Shock Cell Phone Video Shows Lavoy Finicum Shooting From Inside the Vehicle - Infowars

This video shows a retired cop discussing several issues with the tactics used by the officers. He refers to the roadblock as "illegal". He also points out that the police set up a crossfire encounter, which is very dangerous and would only be used if authorization to kill Finicum was granted beforehand.

Retired Cop Reviews Lavoy Finicum Murder Video

Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Open Season on Crackas"

Black Lives Matter Activist: Open Season on Crackas

The woman, who's also reportedly an activist with the "F–" Yo" flag movement, goes by the name of "Eye Empress Sekhmet" and also threatened to kill police, WSB-TV reported.

The YouTube video was removed once, but reposted at a blog site and picked up by the Gateway Pundit. It's entitled, "DECLARATION OF OPEN SEASON ON CRACKAS" and presses fellow activists to "take over" police stations.

Around the three and one-half minute mark, the woman makes an appearance on the video, outfitted in a camouflage jacket and carting a machete and handgun, and calls for "open season [on] crackas" as gunfire sounds echo in the background.

Tell Me Again How Great Obama Is

Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Stuck at 38-Year Low for 3rd Straight Month

Record 46.7 Million Americans Live In Poverty; Household Income Back To 1989 Levels

Record number of American families on food stamps - more Americans on food stamps than the entire population of Spain.

Child Homelessness in U.S. Reaches Historic High, Report Says

Monday, September 21, 2015

Kathleen Kane's (D) Law License Suspended

Full Story

Twitter Explodes with Violent Threats from Leftists Against Trump

Full Story

Twitter has exploded in recent days with violent threats targeting Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

While the left often accuses the right of engaging in vitriolic rhetoric, the number of threats directed against Trump far outweighs those leveled at Hillary Clinton.

A basic Twitter search for the terms “kill Donald Trump” and “murder Donald Trump” reveal a deluge of violent remarks directed at the Republican candidate in the aftermath of last week’s debate.

In comparison, similar threats against Clinton are almost non-existent.

Although the vast majority of the threats are obviously tongue-in-cheek, some of them come across as extremely menacing.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Obama Caught in Student Clock Hoax, Why Does Obama "Wedding Ring" Have Snakes and Was Worn Before Marriage?

Full Story

I knew there had to be a reason that the President invited a student that made a clock to the White House. The clock a student "made" and took to school is a story that is starting to unravel and it is actually parts of a manufactured 1970s era digital alarm clock from Radio Shack.

Why does Obama wear a "wedding ring" with snakes on it? Why does he appear to have worn that ring before ever being married?


Friday, September 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton Cannot Name One Accomplishment as Secretary of State

Link to Video

Wolf Blitzer: Carly Fiorina, she said if you want to stump a Democrat she said ask them about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as Secretary of State. If you were on that debate stage with her, what would you say was your number one accomplishment as Secretary of State?

Hillary Clinton: You know, Wolf, I didn’t get to see all of their debate. But I saw enough of it to know that this is just the usual back and forth political attacks, the kinds of things you say when you’re on a debate stage and really don’t have much else to say. I didn’t hear anything from any of them about how they’re going to make college more affordable or get down student debt or get equal pay for equal work for women, what they’re going to do to make sure that we deal with the challenges of raising incomes for hard working people. So I don’t really pay a lot of attention to this kind of rhetoric that heats up the debate stage. They’re all trying to vie for more attention from obviously the Republican Party. I’m going to let them decide how best to do it. But if anybody’s interested, you know, there’s a long list about what I have done. And I’m very proud of it. You can read my book Hard Choices, read about how I negotiated a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. You can read about how I put together the coalition that led to international sanctions against Iran. You can read about what I did when I was First Lady, to get the children’s health insurance program or as senator working across the aisle on issues like getting better health care for our veterans. You know, this is just the silly season. I am looking forward to eventually debating on that stage whoever they finally nominate once they get around to doing that.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Still Unexplained, Strange Inconsistencies in Aurora Trial, Who is "The Joker"?

Most media outlets are now reporting that "The Joker" was not an influence on James Holmes and he dyed his hair red because "it symbolizes bravery" (the Joker's hair is green). ABCNews reference #5 - So, the question that immediately springs to my mind is: who is "the Joker"?

Case in point, there is still the strange phone call to Dave Aragon, as reported here by the Daily Mail. Keep in mind that Dave Aragon himself said he cannot prove that the call was made by James Holmes and that the person identifying themselves as James Holmes talked about "the Joker".

Archived content of

Some details online not widely reported on by the mainstream media are a series of faked Dave Aragon social media pages created on June 20, 2012 and a domain viewable on the internet archive called (referenced in the social media pages). The domain's content claims the site had been up and running either in April 2012 or possibly prior to that. The domain (type it into wayback machine here) also lists "Suffocator of Sins" at the top. These facts are often not mentioned in mainstream media.

Also, there is some interesting information about the alleged text message threats sent to Lynne Fenton a month prior to the shooting in this Youtube video. The reference that "Thomas Brinkley" is making about an asian accent is related to one of the strange blogs written by Jonathan Lee Riches ( and Was the call made from someone pretending to be Yeom Pho Lee? Is that why he was initially a person of interest?

Reports: Police Seek Second Person of Interest in Aurora Theater Shooting

If this case interests you, I would really recommend watching this discussion. These alleged text message threats seem to have occurred close to the timeline of June 20, 2012, when all the social media pages appeared to have gone up.

There really seem to be some loose ends in this case that deserve further examination. Was someone else involved? I think it is appropriate at this point to ask.

There are some very strange connections which I document here.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Update: Aurora Trial

It is now several days into the AUrora theater shooting trial and I have to say the prosecuation is making an excellent case against James Holmes. Now that the notebook has been released and many of the psychiatric evaluation videos, it is clear that James Holmes was the shooter. But there are still questions in my mind about whether or not he acted alone or whether he had help in some capacity.

There is still the matter of a clearly faked photo (Holmes face appears overlaid with a photo of a young Jack Nicholson), the website (viewable on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine), and all of those faked Dave Aragon social media profiles created on June 20, 2012.

Did someone had prior knowledge of events to come. Who was it? James Holmes made a notebook, did he also discuss with others online what his plan was? Did he make these Dave Aragon social media pages? Was it someone else and somehow they backdated this to associate themselves in some twisted way?

I will be reviewing some of these issues in a future post.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Policemen assassinated. Welcome to Obama's America