Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Obama Claims to Be First President From Kenya


Participating in the opening of Sauti Kuu Resource Center, a youth facility built by his half-sister, Auma Obama, he said: “Now, three years ago, I visited Kenya as the first sitting American president to come from Kenya. When I was president it was a little bit harder to get up here cause my plane didn’t fit the tarmac up here.”

Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's Be Clear: The Old London Embassy Was Sold By (and the New One Was Built By) the Obama Administration

Pictured: The New London embassy was built and the old embassy was sold during the Obama administration.

03 November 2009

The U.S. State Department has entered into an agreement to sell the Chancery in London, located in Grosvenor Square. The sale is to Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. The agreement was signed for the United States by the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Louis B. Susman.


Louis B. Susman (born November 19, 1937) is an American lawyer, retired investment banker, and the former United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Nominated by President Barack Obama, he was confirmed by the Senate on July 10, 2009, and sworn in by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Wiki Source

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Proclaimed "Bottle Thrower" Claims He Was Arrested... For Throwing An Empty Water Bottle?

Boy, that certainly sounds suspect, doesn't it? Yes, this man has actually claimed he was arrested for "throwing an empty water bottle"! Methinks something stinks. Disclaimer: I am not stating that the car attacker pictured below is Troy Dunigan, but my suspicions are certainly growing.

August 12 water bottle-thrower pleads guilty

Beth Foster, co-director for Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center in Chattanooga, said Troy Dunigan wanted "to let everyone know he was in Charlottesville as part of an antifa action. He is an anarchist. He was here to confront white supremacy and antifa's practice is to use force if necessary in doing that." Foster said Dunigan is not officially part of the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center but "he is definitely a friend and ally of us."
Source - Friends of Chattanooga Man Arrested in Virginia Claim He Was Fighting White Supremacy.

Troy Dunigan, arrested August 12 in Charlottesville, Antifa anarchist.

One of the pictures of the car attacker for comparison.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Trumped Again!

Trump Chooses Third Option - USAToday

President Trump sticks with his original statement that both sides were to blame in Charlottesville. He attached a signing statement to a controversial bill that placed blame for Charlottesville solely on "white nationalists". I don't advocate "white nationalism", but the facts are that there are people that continue to lie about the facts of the matter and are misusing our government in a sick attempt to further those lies. Great job, President Trump!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Charlottesville Revisited - One Month Later

I wanted to put this out yesterday but have been working tirelessly to get all of the details on this. Firstly, the picture of "32 year old Heather Heyer" that is circulating is 100% false. This may be her in younger years, but 32 year old Heather Heyer is pictured below with her Facebook friend Courtney Commanderr and circled in the first time in videos and photos of the incident. For now, I will call it an incident because there can be no doubt from videos and landmarks that the car did not exceed 30MPH, hence the airbag never deployed. So the entire narrative, in my mind, is completely false. I cannot prove it wasn't an intentional attack, but there are many signs pointing to the possibility that it wasn't.

I have also been finding the best screen shots of the face of the person that initially struck the car before it had ever accelerated or hit a single person. His face is posted here, potentially for the first time anywhere. If you know this person's identity, please forward that information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Clearly you can tell from the photographs that I have posted that his actions potentially led to the fatal accident and he should be charged accordingly. We have a right to know the identity of this person.

Of course, the media will completely ignore all of this because they have their narrative. Very bizarre and disturbing stuff.



The pictures above are all 32 year old Heather Heyer. Ask yourself, were you deceived about who she was? Ask yourself, why? The following are pictures of the man who hit the car and caused it to wildly spin into Heather Heyer, who was marching with a mob the wrong way up 4th Street (near Water St) in order to blockade the road. It is clear that co-marchers were Antifa and IWW terror groups and that they were engaged in their chants as they went down 4th St. In previous articles, I've established that the car never exceeded 30 MPH. Why the deceptions? Why the false narratives? It is clear to me that she was not there for an "antiracism" march. This is furthered by her friend Courtney who stated "F*#$" that white bitch" in one of the videos I've seen. Why is no one denouncing the Antifa/IWW marchers (who's slogan is "Solidarity Forever") and the violent acts they were engaged in prior to the accident?

In future articles, I will go into more detail on International Workers of the World (IWW) and their history of terror. I am not absolving James Fields, Jr. But I think we need to know what really happened. It's a shame the media won't do their job.




A woman in red at about 2:58 shouts "Who hit the motherfucking car?" This man that hit the car walks by at 3:06.









Saturday, September 09, 2017

Josh Cobin, Antifa Trump Protestor Shot in Balls Arrested

So this happened about a week ago, maybe a little more. But apparently this moron who wants USA to be a socialist country posted online that he was the guy that assaulted cops and he was charged with three felonies. This story makes me chuckle.

Why did no one tell me about this?

Man Hit By Gas Round in Viral Video Now Faces Charges For Aggravated Assault on Police

Daily Mail UK version

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

James Fields Jr. Car Averages 25 MPH down the block

Using Youtube videos for time and distance measurements from the Maps Measure app, I can conclusively say that James Fields Jr.'s car was going on average 25 MPH. Before it was hit, it was going about 23 MPH. Here are my calculations. The car went about 100 feet from the intersection to being hit by a protestor near an alleyway in about 3 seconds.

It went 185 ft and crashed in no less than 5 seconds altogether putting the average speed at 25 MPH.

If you calculate the 2 seconds beyond being hit until the crash, the car reaches about 29 MPH. It is unclear what caused the brief acceleration, but the driver was attacked and likely startled. I see no conclusive evidence that this car intentionally plowed into this crowd at any speed greater than 30 MPH. Another lie spread by the media bites the dust.

Liveleak: Heather Heyer Before the Crash

Susan Bro: Cause of death for Heather Heyer: Heart Attack

Liveleak Link

Liveleak: Heather Heyer Before the Crash

Liveleak Link

Oh my God!

YouTube link 7:10 mark

The investigation into Heather Heyer's death is looking into the Antifa paramedics that may have tried to jump start Heather's heart without needing an AED.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Protestors in Full Antifa Riot Gear?

I have analyzed several videos and pictures of the crash at Charlottesville. First, it was a terrible tragedy. But upon examination, it is very apparent that the news media story presented to the public was an outright lie. This was not a peaceful "anti-racism" demonstrator that was caught in a crosswalk. There is a person that appears to be dressed in full riot gear that was marching with a crowd the wrong direction up a one way street with the intent to either impede traffic or cause an accident in the first place. And the surrounding signs lead me to believe that Heather Heyer was, in fact, a member of either DSA, OSA or IWW as initially reported by even left-leaning websites like Salon and DailyKOS as their slogan is "Solidarity Forever".

Viewer discretion is advised. Some of these photos are graphic.

Click Here If You Agree to See These Photos.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's Only a Matter of Time

Eventually, you will be identified and the truth will come out.

Here is a CNN link, too.

Note that the counterrally is marching the wrong way down 4th Street. Why has no one mentioned this?

Some Odd Things About the Event in Charlottesville

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Was Car Wreck at White Nationalist Event in Charlotte Purposeful? Or Was the Car Wreck a Result of Irresponsible Acts of Protestors?

You can see the car approaching slowly until someone smacks the back of the car. Then it accelerates and swerves wildly only after the strike. The driver apparently panicked after the initial attack. This video shows someone smack the back of the car just before the wreck at about 4 seconds into the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOFjlmeX0As

There is a mark visible on the car just before the accident in this photo approximately where the car was stricken. Notice that the brake lights are lit.

The car was fully stopped when attacked by several people wielding bats and clubs.

At about 50:21, the same group of "protestors" attacks a Lexus earlier in the day. The bumper is kicked, rocks and a bottle are thrown in the video. This was an established pattern of behavior for the day.


This is a screenshot from the video showing the kick to the Lexus.

This man was clearly fleeing for his life and/or trying to protect his car. Update: James Alex Fields Jr. appears to have been photographed with Vanguard America according to the NY Times. However, the group denies that he is a member of the group. The victim in the car crash was identified as Heather Heyer, age 32.

Really don't think he was there to harm people as he could have easily took out about 40 people if he meant to. And if he was not attacked with bat wielding morons, the number of people injured probably would have been alot less.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Portland train stabber was Bernie supporter


At the point where Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary, he considered voting for Trump in spite, but could not bring himself to vote for Trump in the end.