Aurora Theatre Shooting Shows Signs of Prior Knowledge, Points To New Suspect?


All information contained herein has been found by Google search engine or may be content obtained via social media pages over the time period of 4-10-14 to 6-6-14. Dates within this post do not necessarily reflect the date I discovered the content, but it was within the mentioned time frame. This was done only for the purpose of sorting related content. Please consider this accordingly and in context.

Some content may be disturbing to viewers, viewer discretion should be advised. This all started in a simple interest to learn more about the Hillary shoe throwing incident on April 10, 2014. I was shocked at what I discovered and felt it was important to document it and have done so over the past month or so. Be prepared for a stunning, fresh new look at the Aurora Theatre shooting that occurred in the early morning of July 20, 2012.

"If something happens to me my real name is not Thomas Brinkley. Search the internet to see what happened..."

Forward to 33:00 and familiarize yourself with the situation. Unofficial Aurora investigators, one using a fake name Thomas Brinkley, were targetted and made a public "insurance policy".

This is the Youtube page of Thomas Brinkley aka Michael Cravey.

Be sure to read the comments on that video.

Thomas Brinkley Facebook

The mysterious death of Thomas Brinkley/Michael Cravey.

"Video of Aftermath" - shows short guy dressed as Batman run out behind an apparent shooting victim:

This was noticed and referenced by "Thomas Brinkley" aka Michael Cravey and mentioned in the first video on this blog titled "Aurora Investigators Being Targetted".

The Joker persona - before Aurora

The Joker video Brinkley/Cravey appears to mention:

Images found in "Read More" of his Youtube Channel

Thomas Brinkley/Michael Cravey - Godlike Productions Thread

Allison Michelle Ernst is a name that appeared before

Another relevant document says the person who disrupted the James Holmes trial (Allison Michelle Ernst) was an "impersonation":

The woman in a red dress with a shaved bald head (wearing a blonde wig) is believed to be Allison Ernst, but as I will show - this appears to be an imposter.

Read a "temporary restraining order" at this link.

JLR: "I am also Allison Ernst" posted in 2013 at

Photo released of "Allison Michelle Ernst", the Hillary shoe thrower.

Mug shot of "Allison Michelle Ernst".

(scroll down a few posts) Allison Michelle Ernst is actually a man named Jonathon Lee Riches, I believe. The media wants to keep that a secret, so they pass on that it was a woman. Bald. If you look him up, he was bald at one time (when he went to jail) Jonathon Lee Riches is a former inmate, famous for filing ridiculous lawsuits to celebrities. He has made over a thousand lawsuits, I heard, and is now obsessing over Holmes. He is trying to set James free. Here's a photo of Jonathon standing beside a goat to represent Holmes's photo with the llama.

Source of goat photo:

This is a facial comparison of the JLR photo face with the goat (for "greatest of all time") to the Allison Ernst mugshot face which showed a striking similarity. The only major difference besides makeup and a shave, was an upturned nose. Just looking at the two faces posted above, there is a notable similarity - particularly in the eyes, mouth and cheekbones. The lower lip line really gives it away. A nose modification is not so difficult if you have $30 and spend a few months using a product like

He bragged on his Facebook page on April 15, 2014 by proclaiming "The Legacy!" and providing a link to the shoe throwing incident story.

The FBI conspiracy? As suggested by Thomas Brinkley/Michael Cravey

Updated 4/27/14

At this point, you might be saying to yourself this guy could just have some sick obession with James Holmes. Oh, but there's more...

Blogs clearly created by Jonathan Lee Riches

Of particular interest to me was the level of detail found in the


(Copied from Jonathan Lee Riches Facebook Photo Album)

The source of this letter is JLR's Facebook page photos. What this letter does is establish that Riches impersonated Christopher Fortie, and the letter is dated before the shooting. The blog is clearly in Riches style/format and is a name he appears to have impersonated. Although the blog is dated after the shooting, the letter is dated before it happened. Again, it is still not a rock solid tie, but is interesting.

Again, another blogspot in a similar style.

The above are a few pictures and video on his Facebook page, The one with the "woman" in the red dress is titled "James Eagan Holmes as Allison Ernst". Warning, this video is a little graphic and creepy.

Still, you could say: he just heard about it on the news and is some crazy obsessed guy. Here's where it gets interesting.

The Diggity Dave Aragon phone calls in retrospect

This was big news at the time. Someone called Diggity Dave Aragon about a month before the shootings "claiming to be James Holmes".

Full Story

But as this LA Weekly story indicates, that isn't the only person that called Dave Aragon..

But he does give this strange and final detail to CBS: "Dave said he was contacted by someone claiming to be from the Denver Police Department, but could not be sure if it was a prank call or a journalist pretending to be an officer."

Police chief Dan Oates claims someone called a national media station and pretended to be him and warns people about social media and "pranks".

Forward to about 7:30, police chief Dan Oates: "Someone is even impersonating me".

Many have indicated this was James Holmes calling Dave Aragon, but what if it was an impersonator? What if these "social media pages and pranks" are not really "pranks"? Who is famous for "identity theft"? Again, this phone call reportedly occurred about a month BEFORE the shooting. To me, it has many of the signatures of Riches.

This is "his thing". If you look through his Facebook videos, his Iholmie Holmes Youtube videos, etc... you will see him do things like call up Ryan Lanza on the phone. He tried to call Obama collect to get a pardon for James Holmes. He goes through a McDonalds drive-thru and tries to order guns for himself and "his friend James Holmes". He also had Holmes' email forwarded to his home with a fake address change request. He pulls these "jokes", but I don't think they're really jokes at all.

Now it gets more serious, a series of social media pages in the name of "Dave Aragon" all created on June 20, 2012 (a month before the shooting) which have essentially gone unreported by media. You can still view these pages today.

(Also a Facebook (this is a screencapture) created on June 20, 2012 and a Twitter with posts on June 20, 2012).

Compare the blogspot with: (talked about by Brinkley/Carvey)

and you begin to see a pattern in templates, design and even the content sounds worded in a similar way.

What is interesting to me about the Twitter account for "Dave Aragon" is who the owner of it was "following". Tom Cruise, Kim Kardashian, David Spade, Entertainment Weekly... most of the people being followed had lawsuits filed against them by ... you guessed it: Jonathan Lee Riches. Again, not total confirmation, but the connections keep adding up.

Also, the Twitter user profile has a link to Although that website today is being sold, you can see how it looked on the Wayback Internet Archive website. It has the content of the website from August of 2012 and shows what looks like a phishing attack asking for an email address to join the Dave Aragon fan club. It has been reported that Riches helped develop the identity theft technique known as phishing. Again, another possible connection that keeps adding up.

What this proves to me is that someone used JLR's template-style before the shooting to fake Dave Aragon's profile on blogspot. Many thought it could only be James Holmes calling Dave Aragon. But what if it's JLR impersonating him? Then JLR could have continued designing other blogs while James was in jail. It suggests to me, if he made this blogspot, that JLR had prior knowledge before the shooting. To me, this is a substantial rock solid tie if everything can be verified by official investigators.

Although I don't have the means to do make a proof-positive connection, I think the small details that add up are convincing - there is something more there than mere coincidence.

Dave Aragon styles his hair in a similar way to how Kim de Gelder (the killer named the Dendermonde Joker or Joker Baby Killer) allegedly had his hair done, in imitation of the Joker, during the Belgium attack of the Fabeltjesland creche or Fairyland daycare on January 23, 2009, the same date of the IMAX re-release of The Dark Knight. The Joker in The Dark Knight was played by Heath Ledger; Gelder is an anagram for Ledger.



Update 4/29

Tweet on @johnnysuenami on July 20, 2012 the morning of the Aurora shooting

The meaning of "7/20 close to 4/20" can be found on the Urban Dictionary

Search for terms "7:20", "snow cone", and "snow". 7:20 references "snow cone time", which may refer to snagging a baseball and the top of the baseball glove . "Snow" means something cool or awesome, the top score.

Another possible explanation is that it means he chose 7-20 because it was similar to 4-20 - the dates of the Aurora CO theater shooting and the Columbine school shooting.

Now if this doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what would. It looks to me like bragging on Jonathan's own Twitter feed that he just made a "top score" on July 20, 2012 in the mid-morning hours. To me, that is a mind-blowing admission.

Updated 4/30/14

Image is from

Be warned the following image/letter is very disturbing and contains crude language. It was obtained from social media and is dated stamped March 24, 2014.

The "Covert Cross-dressing" letter

Update 5.4.14:

The July 2-5, 2012 Slim Shady Holmes vs. Tom Cruise Lawsuit

Slim Shady is an "evil alter ego" of rapper Eminem.

Definition, link

July 2 2012 post on

The last line of that post says:

will the real s[l]im shady please stand up uyd4l!

This is also a reference to The Dark Knight plot (2nd in the series) and rapper Eminem's "alter ego" Slim Shady. Notice the title of the blog "Slim Shady Holmes". This appears to show some kind of prior knowledge only weeks before.

Sidenote: Alex Jones of Infowars did discuss a leak of the script of the Dark Knight Rises on June 22, 2012, just keep that in mind. However, that may not be significant.

This slim shady reference is an admission that his alter ego is "Holmes" on July 2, 2012 18 days before shooting and I will explain why.

In the second movie, the Joker (played by Heath Ledger) sets up Batman to appear as a murderer taking the fall for the DA (character Harvey Dent). There is even a note from the Joker after the Joker character kills a Batman imitator that says "Will the real Batman please stand up?". The cops then chase Batman in the film even though he is innocent. Joker also goes after the DA.

When you understand the plot of the film and have viewed that scene, this is essentially an admission in his own words that he intended to set up "Slim Shady Holmes". And then he impersonated a DA. I think he is acting out being "the Joker". He is also mocking you by showing up in the courts dressed as a DA. That's another parallel to the movie - the Joker character crossdresses as a nurse.

Slim Shady Holmes vs. Tom Cruise docket - July 5, 2012

"Slim Shady Holmes" blogspot

"Planting the fingerprints" references on the JonathanJolie blogspot.

Again, I'm inconclusive on the accuracy of this claim but this should be considered as a possibility, since this is also a plot point of the movie series (Anne Hathaway steals Bruce Wayne's fingerprints to be planted or otherwise used in a crime). Some of the Dark Knight Rises plot was discussed on the Alex Jones show on June 22, 2012. In my opinion, this could go either way, although I am leaning towards yes. Again, more possibilities to look into.

Note: uyd4l is a tumblr page - photos of uyd4l (the letter L at end) also exist on his FB profile

One of the weird things I noted was that this was supposedly published on Sept. 2012 but references reported obsessions of Adam Lanza who didn't become well known until Dec 2012 in the Sandy Hook shooting. Anders Breivik, the Columbine shooting, and supposedly having a large and detailed list about serial killers ... it all seems to connect in a weird way. Also, in the list of blogs below is a link to one about Breivik666 from late Aug 2012.

Obtaining the guns, identity theft, credit card fraud

CNN article mentions JLR in 2006 - How to Rob a bank

I ran across this link, it was bragged about somewhere by JR - probably on the Twitter feed or maybe a Facebook post. Explains methods of using phony IDs, credit cards, having things ordered online and mailed to houses, etc.

Update 5/6 - Analysis of Photoshopped Images

James Holmes photo released by the media appears to be superimposed (layered) in Photoshop with a young Jack Nicholson photo.

Watch at 5:45

This is the photo of young Jack Nicholson flipped on a vertical line in Photoshop (mirror imaged). It is the 12th photo down on the following link and was published on December 14th of 2011.


This shows roughly what is shown at around 5:40 in the previous youtube video - the young jack nicholson face is nearly a perfect overlay of the first photo released by the media of James Holmes.

Initially reported Jack Nicholson "cryptic comment" explained?

However, the cryptic comment was later debunked and was only a warning about the pills - Nicholson claimed the press misquoted him.

Still, I find it all a bit strange.

I've seen a second ID photo released, but I realize it is the same basic facial expression.

There are a few ways to achieve this effect in Photoshop. One of them is using a Warp Perspective. For example:

Were these photos manipulated and planted? Perhaps the first photo ID was released but then it was realized this was a mistake that someone might pick up on so the second photo ID was planted to make it appear to the common person that the facial similarities are just coincidental? It would take someone very knowledgable about Photoshop and hacking, but, in my opinion, it is not "impossible".

Many photos about James Holmes are Photoshopped

For example, there is one with James Holmes wearing headphones with some social media model photoshopped in behind him. This was interestingly released by TMZ, whom "our friend" suggests on his Facebook page he is a "creative writer" for. Also, ABCNews reportedly released a photoshopped photo of James Holmes.

I didn't see it right away, but look closely at the facial expressions and how they are more sinister in the photoshopped image.

I suspect many photos could be photoshopped and there is a fairly simple, easy way to check. One of the best is the "metadata" stored within the image. Basically, you right-click the image and then open the file in Wordpad, a program that comes with Windows. Although it will be mostly garbled text, there could be some information stored in plain text in the metadata about its origin. Also, the following ELA example is a good technique. There is a free program online called FotoForensics.

A "calling card"?

Interesting sidenote: a similar technique of facial feature overlay was used to make Jared Loughner look like Glenn Beck.

Additionally, this lawsuit could be of significance.

There are some other strange connections. The Classitup10 profile talking about "Mind control" showing a video with an unknown person wearing some kind of paper mask. And the bizarre "Genocide School" video which sounds eerily like a few Sandy Hook videos posted online under the Youtube account "iholmie holmes".


Then there was this really bizarre incident where "Loughner" was pulled over by police before the shooting and he openly cried.

Just hours before the rampage, Loughner broke down and cried to an Arizona Game and Fish officer when he pulled over for running a red light. "It's bad for your health, you're gonna kill somebody, you're gonna kill yourself," Game and Fish Officer Alen Edward Forney told Loughner, according to the transcript of Forney's statements to investigators. "I said, 'I'm not gonna write you a citation for this.' And when I said that to him, his face got kinda screwed up and, and he started to cry. "That struck me as a little odd," Forney continued. "So I asked him if he was OK. And he said, 'Yeah, I'm OK, I've just had a rough time and I really thought I was gonna get a ticket and I'm really glad that you're not.' " But Forney was worried whether Loughner could drive safely. "I again made sure that he was OK. I asked him ... three or four times. He was probably getting tired of me asking if he was OK," Forney said. "He said yeah, he was fine. He was just heading home, it wasn't too far away and he'd be OK," Forney said.

Oddly, Sandy Hook, Tucson, and Aurora seemed to all coincide with gun control bills or individuals closely connected to gun control issues starting back in 2008. Is there a possible connection here?

The Sherlock Holmes/James Bond connection?

When you cross the words, you get: Sherlock Bond and James Holmes mention

Another mention

GodlikeProductions thread

Still existing profile?

List of blogs believed to be created by JLR

Other links and blogs

Youtube Channel of "Iholmie Holmes"

Video titled: "Confessions of a Serial Killer", very reminiscent of videos of on what was allegedly Jared Lee Loughner's "Classitup10" Youtube page

(bottom page 3 "I am a serial killer")

Barack Obama gun control lawsuit on blogspot

Judge blocks lawsuits filed by JLR filed June 21, 2012

Westword blog news story Sept 11, 2012 - additional documents

Ron Bramlage Blogspot

George zimmerman Sued Blogspot

I sued George Zimmerman blogspot

GeorgeZimmerman007 Blogspot - blank

JeremyJojola Lawsuit Blogger

Casey Anthony Lawsuit

Cinemark Lawsuit blogspot

Iholmies fake profile threats

The Real JLR blogspot

Amtrak Lawsuit

Naomi Psycho blogspot

Kanye West Kim Kardashian blogspot

Kardashian and Tebow blogspot

Cheap immigration lawyer attorney blogspot

Geno Auriemma blogspot

Bristol Palin blog

Lance Armstrong blogspot

Bad Water Ultra Marathon Blogspot

Cheap attorney lawyer blogspot

Appears to have communicated with hacker Cyberzeist?

More info on CyberZeist

In conclusion, we've been told a story by the national media about the Aurora Century 16th shooting on July 20, 2012 that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The media has essentially convicted James Holmes, a young man found allegedly sitting in a car just waiting for the police to arrive after he supposedly shot dozens of people in a movie theatre.

In Aurora, Sandy Hook and Tucson - each time initially there was an accomplice, or a second shooter. Then each time the media will turn around and say it was an anti-government "lone wolf" shooter and it never really gets examined much more than that in the public eye. Three times is getting a bit bizarre, we keep getting fed the same lines. I think it's time to examine it, don't you?

I think it was very wrong of Dan Oates to say they are "confident" James Holmes acted alone. That could have chased people away from social media, which is too bad, because the social media appears to tell more of the story. If more people had been paying attention, these details might have been found earlier.

I leave it up to the reader of this blog. Knowing this other information, do you still think it was James Holmes acting alone? Do you believe the official narrative? A few weeks ago, I would have scoffed. After doing a simple search on "Allison Ernst" and realizing these potential connections, it has completely changed my outlook.

The families of the victims deserve the truth and they deserve answers about what happened. It's been almost two years since this shooting. Hopefully, at trial, the truth will emerge.

Please remember these documents came from social media and the internet. Consider accordingly and come to your own conclusions.

Additional analysis on media story about alleged family of Allison Ernst - mother-in-law, children claimed

Possible media misidentification? Did identity theft/impersonation lead to mixup?

This story seems a little strange. It talks about Allison Ernst's "family" but only shows a brief interview with a "former-mother-in-law" and a neighbor.

Story IDs "Allison Ernst's children's grandmother as Elmira Gittens

People finder reports Elmira's son (and therefore the father of Allison Ernst's children) would be Wayne A Gittens and he is associated with Alison Michelle Ernst-Gittens.

White Pages Allison Gittens Link

But supposedly they are divorced, so I went back to Allison M Ernst after coming to mostly deadends and ran across this:

Cellphone record for Allison M Ernst

but a google search of that phone number leads to "Allison M VanHeusen".

Google search of phone number above

Facebook of Allison Ernst VanHeusen

So I am led to this Facebook page of Allison Ernst VanHeusen and it appears to have children which matches the first news story. In a tag at the end, the reporter says that Allison has two children.

So I find myself in quite a dilemna. If I am to believe Allison Michelle Ernst-Gittens is the person in the mugshot - then this Allison M Ernst VanHeusen cannot be the same person based on photos. But they appear in many ways to be the same person. The full names are the same for one. The details about divorces and kids concerning Gittens certainly suggests that Gittens and VanHeusen could be the same. But I know by the photos they aren't. Something here doesn't seem right.

Perhaps I am jumping to the wrong conclusions. Or perhaps the story is wrong and its conclusions were based on an imposter using identity theft. Another reasonable explanation is that maybe the report was just an innocent mixup because two people shared a full name.

Without more information, it is difficult to come to a good conclusion and this story certainly does not debunk my theories.

Another Allison Ernst - defense attorney

This message was reportedly put out so as not to confuse this defense attorney Allison Ernst with the person that appeared in the courtroom.

Another link I noticed

So the shoe thrower threw a bunch of papers on the ground about a conspiracy from the 50's or 60's named Operation Cynthia. This I've mentioned on the main page of this blog. This appears to be mentioned in the text of this blog post.

June 1, 2014 Updates

Was obtaining Holmes' apartment an objective?

Facebook link to question asking about connection to Holmes apartment

The LEAD gun range application in retrospect

This document makes much more sense when you realize it's a fake. Clearly, it is forged by whomever set up James Holmes and fits the "Joker" Riches profile methods. He also filed many other fake documents found on his Facebook page. He filed a name change document from his own name to James Holmes. He filed an application to the Aurora City Council. He tried to join the Aurora officer ride-along. He applied at the Cinemark movie theater as a popcorn popper. He filed to become a judge in Harrisburg, PA (found on one of his blogs about him being a judge). This document with its fake signature makes much more sense and if the date is accurate it predates the shooting by weeks- falling somewhere in between the Aragon fake social media pages and the actual shooting.

One notable difference between this faked doc and the others is that handwriting was not used. There could be several explanations for this. One is that Riches wanted this application to be taken seriously and did not want his handwriting to lead back to him on this particular document. Also, Holmes answering machine could have been compromised.

How Hackers Hack into Answering Machines

Shooting Range story on Westword blog

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