Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strike Three! You're out! One-trick pony Ron Harper Jr. continues to send out libelous "anonymous mailers"

This is some information that I collected on the domain that was recently mentioned in the Lancaster News Papers in an article by Gil Smart. The domain is called "Defendpolice.com". Gil noted in his article the association of Ron Harper Jr. with another "anonymous" blog. The domain's owner is hidden by proxy, but is registered via GoDaddy, which Harper has used to register some other 60 domain names.

First, I discovered several links to pages Harper saved to DefendPolice.com. One of them was a capture of Wintersexcavating.com.

Clicking here (DefendPolice.com/WintersExcatingFriends.htm) will actually take you to wintersexcavating.com, who is registered to:

Domain Name: wintersexcavating.com
Created on..............: 2007-08-06
Expires on..............: 2011-08-06

Administrative Contact:

Winters ScottB.
WillowStreet, PA 17584
Phone: +1.7174642452
Email: Wintersexcavating@comcast.net

It is a "cached" version of the page saved to Harper's domain. Here are two other links.

WhoIs VoteBruceGroff.org PDF

Friends of Bruce Groff's Facebook page

It is clear that when Ron Harper Jr. cached these pages that he misused the information to send "anonymous mailers". Harper should be investigated for misuse of computers and once again sending out libelous "mailers", just like he did to Jim Cawley in the election for Lieutenant Governor and to Providence Township.

In my estimation, this constitutes harassment under Pennsylvania Law and I expect that Harper will be fully charged for sending these anonymous mailers.

Strike One:

Related story - "anonymous pamphlets" sent to Jim Cawley voters

The Letter Harper's boss got informing them it wasn't legal.

Strike Two:

Related story - "anonymous pamphlets" sent to Providence Township residents Although his return address appeared on these postcards, he appears to have reverted back to his wrongful ways.

My question is, how long has this been going on and why won't Harper stop when he's told it's not legal?

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