Saturday, December 11, 2010

Harper targets Providence Township, gets shot down

Looks like Harper is back to his old tricks. was registered by none other than Ron Harper Jr. back in April of 2005 and updated in April of this year, a quick check of reveals. It's another attack website and this time the target is Providence Township.

The website contains a "postcard" mailer which strongly resembles the "anonymous" hot pink attack mailer sent out against PA Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley earlier this year.

But this time, the "postcard" contains Harper's return address. I guess he learned his lesson from being CAW CAW called on sending out his harassing political mailers without his name on them.

Ironically, Harper gets slammed by a user named "Prov" saying that taxes actually went down in Providence Township. Click here to read the response for a good chuckle.

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