Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harper's House of Cards

Ron Harper Jr. appears to have worked with Chet Beiler and Bob Guzzardi on a legally questionable smear campaign targeting Jim Cawley, Tom Corbett's running mate who ran for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in 2010.

Bob Guzzardi thought Jim Cawley, candidate for PA Lieutenant Governor, was the wrong guy and sent hatchetman Harper to try to harass him out of the race! They tried to botch the election with known fabrications. They wanted Chet Beiler in instead of Jim Cawley!

It's one thing to campaign legitimately (ie. politic), it's another thing to disseminate knowingly false information in an attempt to throw an election! (ie. dirty tricks, history of election law violation)

Letter to Chet Beiler

Harper whines and complains about alleged harassers, but he himself is charged with harassment and trespassing just last month!

Plus apparently canned him by wiping his profile off their site after they found out about his harassing behaviors.

Ron Harper Jr., charged with harassment and trespassing last month according to Intell police log, profile removed from

Bob Guzzardi, Philadelphia attorney, member of the Zionist Organization for America National Board. aka "Godfather Guzzardi" aka "Loose cannon/Grenade-thrower Guzzardi", client of scary-looking corporation, maybe someone should check Rgi, Inc for some missing real estate cash? Guzzardi is suspected of financing Beiler and Harper in their feeble attempt to sabotage the PA election for Lieutenant Governor

Chet Beiler, 2001 election law violator. aka "$400,000 lighter in the pocket with nothing to show for it" Not even $400,000 could buy this guy the Lieutenant Governorship

From Lancaster Independent Press:

** UPDATE - Harper is no longer listed as a reporter on the PaIndependent website.

LANCASTER: Ronald P. Harper Jr., of 1 Harper Lane, Stevens, was charged with harassment and trespassing after he allegedly became belligerent and refused to leave a location in the 100 block of East Chestnut Street April 22.
From Saturday’s Intell/New Era police log (thanks to A1 on
What the hell happened, Ron? Does anyone know?
Harper formerly owned, was the co-publisher of the Lancaster Post and [WAS] an investigative reporter for

Harper harassed Lieutenant Governor candidate Jim Cawley with these pretty pink "anonymous pamphlets" which he attempted to justify with some Ohio Supreme Court decision. One problem Ron. The Supreme Court didn't say your pink pamphlets could be filled full of halftruths and misquotes in an attempt to smear a candidate!

Read Harper's pink pamphlets here, which he refused to put his name on:

'Pretty Pink' Pamphlets

Please note: 'Pretty pink pamphlets' contain "misquotes and halftruths" from a political hatchetman. We're guessing Harper didn't put his name on them because he knew what he was doing was highly unethical if not entirely against the law.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Harper was doing to harass Cawley. He was contacting Bucks county officials by email and was more than likely behind some posters depicting Cawley as the Joker which were littered all over Bucks County.

Litterers can be fined up to $300 and put in jail up to 90 days in Pennsylvania, Ron.

Also, he created a personal attack blog disguised as a political site, which he propogated anonymously via Guzzardi even got in on the action, since he was probably the second of two usernames listed in the profile page of the blog.

Boy, Ron sure is a funny guy when he tries to rig PA elections, isn't he? Bucks County was less than impressed when Beiler got 8% of the vote there.

Well, maybe you are funny after all. We're laughing with you....really. Ha.

Refence section on this article:

Robocall Guzzardi's other endeavors:

Rep Boyd cries foul over phone effort

Automated phone calls aim to undermine Thibault candidacy

Harper's arrest in Montgomery County, which caused his site to go offline.

§ 5503. Disorderly conduct.
(a) Offense defined.--A person is guilty of disorderly
conduct if, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance
or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, he:
(4) creates a hazardous or physically offensive
condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose of
the actor.

Update: The PA Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation which oversees the Commonwealth’s electoral process as well as Campaign Finance, Voter Registration, Office of Notary Public, Commissions and Legislation, was notified of potential election rigging in hopes that it won't reoccur in the future.

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