Friday, May 28, 2010

On the trail of Bob Guzzardi, attempted to rig PA election for Lieutenant Governor using robocalls, hatchetman

Bob Guzzardi actually wanted to run for the Lieutenant Governor spot on May 18, 2010, but decided to remain "behind-the-scenes" in an apparent election overthrow attempt of Jim Cawley using Chet Beiler.

Guzzardi sicced Ron Harper Jr. on Cawley and even aided Harper in creating, which was distributed via the Internet in anonymous posts. It's not clear why he was willing to work with Harper, given that in 2007, Harper was found guilty of disorderly conduct in Guzzardi's home turf during an incident at the Montgomery County courthouse involving Harper's refusal to give up his video camera at the request of authorities.

State Rep Scott Boyd has had his run-ins with Ron Harper Jr. in the past, saying "[Ron Harper Jr.] seems to have little respect for the law".

Apparently, neither does Guzzardi. Back in 2007, Guzzardi funded robocalls that reached people on a "do-not-call" list, leaving many voters offended.Source

"We don't want people turned off by negative campaigning ... turned off to the political process by these recorded phone calls," Boyd said.

Sulyok in an email to the New Era called the messages "demeaning, offensive and unwarranted political cheap shots."

Dumeyer in a press release said they were "highly misleading and factually incorrect."

"The win-at-all-costs approach to campaigning, and these kinds of unsavory campaign tactics must end," he wrote.

"This is the way politics is anymore," Gib Armstrong said. "It has turned to the dark side with all the negative campaigns. It's nasty."

Bob Guzzardi has attempted to undermine other elections using the robocalls, including the election of Paul Thibault.Source

Guzzardi is listed as a client on "Corps Strategies" website, which refers to "the electronic battlefield" along with a variety of other local political celebs.Screen capture Source

Although the article above says Guzzardi identifies as "libertarian, Tea Party GOP", Guzzardi is identified in other stories online as a registered Democrat. Campaign donations indicate Guzzardi gave $1,000 to Democrat Dick Gephardt in 2004.Source An article by Joe Haas identifies Guzzardi as "a radical anti-government, anti-education 'conservative' with disturbing racial views and troubling ties to Simon Campbell and his StopTeacherStrikes movement." Source

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