Monday, September 06, 2010

Lanctalk circles the bowl

Looks like LancTalk is rapidly circling the bowl as is restoring Talkback. Talkback went kaput shortly after I - the_cRoW - revealed the dishonest and shady dealings of Ron Harper Jr. and his Jr. Jim blogspot which targeted Lieutenant Governor candidate Jim Cawley at the behest of Bob Guzzardi from the Philly area.

Full Story - On the Trail of Bob Guzzardi

It was one of my best stories on this blog called "Harper's House of Cards", which oddly received little news coverage despite being a quite detailed and well-referenced story that seemed to tie a lot of lose ends.

On the site, Citydweller tries to dispel that there is a "conspiracy", but this blog has been closely following any and all posts made by the site, despite their best attempts to IP ban me from viewing their posts. Interestingly, they mentioned a familiar moniker "a man behind the curtain" - a phrase often used by former Electronics Project Manager Palmer Brown. This blog will continue to cover the site as long as it remains. But I suspect the return of Talkback will leave the forum empty and lifeless.

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