Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why is Justice for Joy, LIPNews defending a child murderer?

The site Justice for Joy is defending Joy O'Shea-Woomer, who killed an 11 year old crippled boy.

Here is the Lancaster County Press Release and the shocking opinion that found O'Shea-Woomer guilty of injecting an 11 year old crippled boy, Brent Weaver, full of four times the lethal amount of morphine for a child!

Both Becky Holzinger and Jodi Wolff brought this site to my attention by listing it on Not as objectors to the site - but as supporters of a convicted child killer! They've written extensively on their site and promoted a "silent auction" to help her defense!

Please, do not support the Justice for Joy site or provide them with even a single dime. If this would have been a man instead of a female nurse, there would not have been this type of defense for him. They would have locked him up and thrown away the key! Now there would be REAL Justice for Joy!

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