Saturday, June 12, 2010

IMHO Harper "legal" suit is nothing more than a scam - Proof Part 1

Ron Harper Jr., possibly "Victoria", has been running a new website called "" which details his forray into F&M.

One of Harper's main claims is absolutely false. He insists that the F&M police and/or John Fry himself violated his civil rights by "stealing" his newspaper box. Yet Harper's own documents prove that they didn't steal it!

Admitting They Stole Box by con artist Ron Harper Jr.

Click to enlarge.

Ironically, the letter not only shows that they didn't steal the box, but that they recovered and attempted to return the "missing" box quickly after they found it!

Harper's story on WGAL can still be found if you dig for it, but Lancaster area's "loal headlines" on WGAL no longer list the story. It's been replaced by "Crews spraying for West Nile Virus" and "16 Drivers Cited For Speeding On Route 30". Both sound reasonably more interesting to me.

Seriously, "Victoria". You need a hobby or something!

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