Monday, June 28, 2010

Patricia Rask, ticketed in 2001 by PGC officers and the Stormygirl story connection?

Disclaimer: This article is based on information available publicly online. The reader is advised to make his/her own conclusions based on the facts presented.


The administrator for Stormygirl Facebook is Tonya Evans (bottom left corner, "creator").

Google-cache link

An image of the above google cache link:

Note: The profile might be removed, but you can still see "Tonya Evans" like this. Go to the Google cache link. Then click on the Admin name "Tonya". Look up at the URL to see "Tonya Evans".

"Tonya Evans" mentions a Patricia Rask-created website on the StormyGirl Facebook page. Google-cache link

Screenshot of google-cache link (only the first entry is relevant):


The owner of the domain is proxied so how do I know it's a Patricia Rask site? An online petition from this site leads to Pat Rask (see author in footer). If you mouse over the words "Pat Rask" in the petition below, the email for Pat Rask comes up as


Combine the PGC and PFBC law enforcement components within the Pennsylvania State Police

These other websites show similar design and formatting to the website. They explicitly state they are created by Pat Rask. Screencapture second confirms author Screen Capture petition:

PGC should no longer regulate Captive born exotic animals

First signature on the petition is Patricia Rask. Author and author email are viewable on the footer.

Patricia Rask 2001 charges from PGC, click image to view closer

These charges resulted in a fairly substantial monetary fine.

Rask Cylce is located on "Evans" City Rd. In "Evans" City PA. Could Pat Rask have posted as Tonya "Evans" and she is the creator of the Help Stormygirl Facebook page? Hmmmmm...what's going on here? This is all very strange especially when you take into account my previous article on the topic.

I wonder if Fox43 would be interested in this?

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