Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LIPNews continues to perpetuate the Stormygirl lie

This video from Foxnews doesn't show a single "protestor". The people gathered at the PGC were there for a regularly scheduled meeting. The "protest" was a sum of about 4-5 people.

1) Becky Holzinger of LIPNews - client of Evergreen
2) Pati Mattrick - crazy about her finch
3) Ira Wagler - some dude
4) Ron Harper Jr. - who I suspect was "Sherry Utley Wolfe" on Facebook
5) Pat Rask - who might have posed as "Sherry Utley Wolfe" at the event and on radio. But on Facebook was Tonya Evans.

Ok, let me clear this up. Ron Harper Jr. and another individual likely created the Stormygirl facebook page. Harper was probably "Sherry Utley Wolfe" and Rask was probably "Tonya Evans".

"Sherry Wolfe" on WHP580 earlier in June was more than likely Pat Rask. However, that is not to say that they didn't get "Sherry A Wolfe" involved in the scheme, too. But it certainly sounds like this is payback to the PGC conducted by Rask with the help of Ron Harper Jr.

Holzinger says she met "Sherry Utley Wolfe", but I suspect she actually met Pat Rask who switched to that bogus ID.

The Facebook profile picture of "Sherry Utley Wolfe":

I believe it's a photo of this person, "Sherry A. Wolfe" from Lancaster, documented in the last story of this page.


  1. Check to see if Becky is commenting on her own site. I believe she is and always believed she was. These idiots don't realize we all have our own "fingerprints" when it comes to the internet. Hiding behind a screen doesn't mean people can't tell it's you. Victoria and Sherry have the same "fingerprint" that I've been talking about. So I'm having a suspicion that they are the same people.

    Just compare the way they type, and also the paragraph setup. It's the exact same. In Psychology (my major) we found how to identify people online, and in writing. And I smell something fishy with the comments on that site.

    What they are doing is making the site look more popular than it actually is. I believe they only have 6-10 true supporters (if even that). This is similar to when you go to a pizza shop or a non franchise fast food restaurant. They place a jar on the counter, and put their own money in to convince other people to do the same.

    So I smell something fishy with the LIP news site.

  2. I agree. "Victoria" and "Sherry" do have the same fingerprint. And they both smell like the farts of Lancasterpost.

    They may have a few people swindled, but they can't full everyone - try as they may. I am very troubled by the disease our society seems to have - that people just look the other way and let this story perpetuate. I think that is potentially a very dangerous thing to a society as a whole, to let things like this fester and not confront it.

    Historically speaking, this has been a very bad idea that lead to the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, for example. I think people need to pay attention to things like this. They need to react and voice their opinions.

    Only then can we truly progress as a society. We have to stop the lies and the false propaganda. We have to fight this disease with the cure called "speaking the truth".

  3. I highly doubt they will ever get much power. They are idiots who feel they are doing a public service. I think they watch too many movies on people who rebel and fight for rights. They only want popularity. Harper Jr. is the worst when it comes to that. If he was so worried about our countries rights, then he would not sue for money. I honestly feel bad for his children.

    Becky is a propaganda machine and you can see that. There is no such thing as "Independent News." It's more opinions which a lot perceive as real news. As you can see, both Holzinger and Harper do not live in Lancaster. If they were true, they'd be here fighting here (even though there's nothing to fight for).