Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Attack of the rogue squirrels! Something squirrelly is going on!

LIPNews just posted to this story about the PGC and a "pet squirrel".

Article about Pet Squirrel

Yeah, this was Patricia Rask, as I reported. Obtained from Rask's site:


Becky, you're being fed line after line directly from Pat Rask, an animal rights nutjob. Wake up! This squirrelly story is from 6 years ago!

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  1. I was reading the LNP site...Wow do they sound idiotic. "I still hear my finch screaming."..come on! really? I highly doubt the bird was abused. People will act totally stupid when they are caught.

    Reading what Holzinger and Harper say is a joke too. I expected Harper to pretend he knows everything about legal documentation. He is a total douchebag. It's always something legal with him. He has a fetish for it. His wife probably holds a gavel in skimpy outfits to fancy his sick fantasy. I wonder where the handle end of the gavel goes...That may explain why he looks stiff in all of his pictures.