Sunday, June 27, 2010

Was the birdlady there? Or wasn't she?

Listen to archived Bob Durgin radio show with Jerry Feaser on June 16, 2010 580AM

Jerry Feaser strongly implied that a "spouse" permitted PGC agents to enter the Mattrick home. This is consistent with the article that was posted over at LIPNews that stated Pati Mattrick was not present at the time of the seizure of the bird.

I don't have a problem with the protest tomorrow, but I do have a problem with the bald faced lies that are being spread relating to this story. Hopefully, Pati will have a chance to make it clear whether she was or was not there.

Some articles were posted by LIPNews defending the position that Mattrick was there. Probably the best example that supports Mattrick was there was this quote.

"I ended up so hysterical screaming, I collapsed on the floor. They zipped out with a cage covered by a white sheet. And they all just left. Just walked out," Mattrick says."

But when did this happen? When she was there during the seizure of the bird, or when she got home to her husband and found this information out? It doesn't say, really.

I support the Pennsylvania Game Commission and its ability to protect wildlife. But I get the sense that this is something more personal. I think it was on that someone posted that it's a "continuation" of a Jerry Feaser-Steve Mohr spat.

I think this story has really run its course. The bird is being rehabilitated and will be sent back to where it belongs - in the wild. I really don't see the big controversial aspect of the story.

It's a FINCH PEOPLE. They sell them at Petsmart as pets. Why don't you go pick one out to be your new friend instead of keeping one where it doesn't belong?

I am curious as to why Sherry Wolfe got on air and told so many lies about the PGC.

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