Friday, June 04, 2010

Victoria, where are you?

[PHOTO ON FILE, CONTACT for a copy - removed since Palmer Brown has been relatively nice about it, although he's been quite a douchebag in the past. The photo was maintained legitimately and legally from FACEBOOK which is their policy that photos posted on their site may be used on other sites. The photo was not removed due to any legal issue and will be reposted should the need arise.]

Someone is posting on LIPNews as "Victoria" now as an attempted personal attack. At first, I suspected Heather Aragno Brown. She is the wife of Palmer Brown, Digital Sales Director at WGAL, who might want to reconsider Palmer Brown's employment after this article is released.

Palmer Brown has long been featured on the right side column of this blog as saying some pretty nasty things towards "the Crow". (See "Critics are Raving" section). Palmer Brown has a long history of internet harassment on the Lancaster Online blog where he has harassed not only this blogger, but also LIPNews' Becky Holzinger as "LOL Boss", "LOL Czar", "Scrat", and "Buck". Most likely, he's gone by more than just those few names to harass people online. According to LIPNews, he's gotten pretty nasty with anyone whose point of view differs from his own. He will ban hammer you in a heartbeat for nothing more than just differing with his opinion.

You can click here to read about Palmer Brown's ventures as "Scrat the Rat".

Here's a small excerpt.

This is regarding the men’s right nutjob who is extremely vicious and foul and fired personal insults at people like owls eat rats. He even threw the thinly disguised “c” word at myself and another poster. But apparently Scrat, the rat, agrees with him that most women are “lying whores” who “think with their box” and he might want to tell his wife that he feels that way. (Yes, the most women are lying whores quote was really posted). Anyway, I’m quite proud of my post where he says you can see why I was banned.

This is the official version of why I was banned from Palmer Brown, Electronic Project Manager (LNP EPMGR) in an email to me dated December 20, 2005:

“You were banned in the past (September 2004) for violating the terms of service. This ban was a permanent ban after several warnings. It recently came to our attention that you had established a new Talkback account. As your previous ban was permanent, we closed this account as well.”

Seeing as I had LIP News all over my profile for months before this, it would seem these men are not too bright! And it’s my guess that it was Scrat, the childish rat, who did it. And how did the rat know about a defamation of character lawsuit?

Yesterday, the rat posted this:

"Just think, if you could have controlled yourself you would not be banned and you could be posting on here right now."

Okay, Scrat, find one post where I crossed the line. I challenge you to find one. I will not have my reputation sullied in this manner(!) The one you posted above about the Raging Whore Home for Crazy People (I enjoy that!) doesn’t cut it, especially with the post I was reacting to and the “men’s rights” nutjob throwing the “c” word around.

Wow, classy, huh? Maybe WGAL would like to see what their "Digital Sales Project Manager" is doing to promote WGAL - act like a fucking online douchebag. It's no surprise that Talkback Lancaster Online was recently shut down.


Just recently, I received more online harassment from cyberbully Palmer Brown himself. Unfortunately for him, he didn't realize he was harassing the_cRoW and I found this site in the header of his email. I alerted the owners of that site about Palmer Brown's past behavior online, especially this "Scrat the Rat" incident.

I suspected that is what triggered his antisocial wife Heather Aragno Brown, who often drives drunk around PA, to start posting as "Victoria" about 20 times in the comments area of LIPNews with some "interesting" facts. And by interesting, I mean..."zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz".

But there is another possible suspect. "Little Dick" Ron Harper Jr. And by "Little Dick", I mean he has a three inch penis. Get some dental work done Little Dick!


See Harper's House of Cards

You would think that after this blog exposed him he would have called it quits. But no, "Little Dick" is back for more. Come get some.

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  1. Steve,

    I do know how to contact you any other way than this.

    First of all, I have no idea who that Victoria person is, where they are getting their crap, or why the are dragging me into this ridiculous soap opera. But I can assure you that it is NOT my wife or anybody that I know... at least everyone is denying ownership.

    I do not care what you say or think about me but you have a picture of my daughter posted on the Internet. Wrong!

    You are also wrong on your scrat or whatever that reference is.

    I do not care enough about you (or anyone) to engage in the crap going on with all this back and forth between you and whoever else is engaged in this pissing match.

    You emailed me awhile back, I believe it may have been Christmas or the one before(?) where I said to just leave me alone.

    I have also emailed Becky asking her to remove any references to me.

    Bottom line, leave me out of this and remove the picture of my family. My attorney will be sending a letter reiterating my requests.

    I have not, am not, and will engage in this garbage going around.

    You have my email if you have any questions.