Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Carnie" takes a swipe, misses again

The circus is back in town!

Artie.See, aka Randolph Carney, has apparently taken some sort of blind swipe directed toward this blog.

This is the man who worked side-by-side with Ron Harper Jr. who has an active case for both harassment and trespass in an April 22, 2010 incident.

Carney and Harper both created "Lancaster First", a blog directed at attacking the Lancaster Convention Center. As reported on this blog previously, Carney identifies himself as a "mainstream Democrat".

Working with Carney on his site,, is Steve Johnson, who wishes to keep his picture from being distributed to the public for some reason. But on his Facebook page, it's apparently perfectly fine. He goes by the online moniker citydweller. He is also tied to Harper because he had his own column in Harper's now defunct publication the "LancasterPost" called "Citydwellin'".

It's very interesting that Harper seems to be tied to all of these Democrats and activity that seems to be targetting Republican Lieutenant Governor candidates, isn't it?

And it sure is ODD that Democrat leader Bruce Beardsley resigned. Just dropped out after eight years. You remember Beardsley, don't you? He ran an unsuccessful campaign against Barley, didn't he? Weird, huh? Oh, and Gib Armstrong too. Boy, that sure is an odd coincidence, isn't it?

If I were a carnie, I think I'd pack up my tent and move to the next town. The circus is over.

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