Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All local bloggers should dump association with Harper

Ronald Harper Jr. is pictured here with Christiaan Hart-Nipplering. Did I spell that right? Oh, Hart-Nibbrig. Why is a guy hyphenating his name?

Anyway, Christiaan Hart-Nipplering has disassociated himself from Ron Harper Jr. Barely knew the guy. Yeah. apparently fired Harper just last month. Dropped his picture and profile right off the site.

Yeah, that's a real shame. I wonder who told? Harper just can't seem to hold down a gig lately. And his video work is so shitty, Harper has to extort them for cash to make up the difference, I suppose?

(I hate to tell you, Ron, but the gardener isn't too happy to see you. It's probably why the public safety cars came peeling up and handed you your ass)

(Quick! Somebody call the Waaaaaambulance!)

This website's latest mission is to document and verify Harper's attempt to extort money from a variety of sources. F&M and Americans For Prosperity are two good places to start. Think the FBI will take notice to extortion, Ron?

Read my previous stories about AFP and the sham trial against F&M's John Fry on my blog.

Harper demands $3500 from AFP

F&M suit is a scam Part 1

Part 2

Hmmmm, I wonder why Lancaster Newspapers isn't doing more on these stories. Any thoughts?

Oh, that's right. They're too busy doing feature articles on some fat ass to be worried about petty shit like rigging elections or extortion across state lines. By the way, I believe at least one of those might be a felony. Just sayin'.

Way to go, Gil! Heckuva job!


  1. What is funny is I have been doing my own "investigation," on harper as well. I been doing what he has: Posing as different people. He could not keep his story straight at all. He is honestly a con-man. The bastard told me many different time lengths doing with his "incarceration." He told me straight up 2 hours. He then told my made up person 2 days, then another one whole day.

    When I ask him what is so important about putting a stupid box right there by Fry's property, he doesn't answer the question. He just shoots rights that he really doesn't have. He forgets Fry has plenty of rights as well. He never answers questions. I could easily send some of his quotes. He told me he was a hero to the free market and the people of Lancaster. Funny thing is he is not making a prophet off that box sense it says FREE on the he is not really in the free market.

    As for his crazy Philly friend Becky Holzinger...well you hit the nail on the head with that one. She blocked me from her site because I asked too many questions. Then her online cronies supported her. I found that some of them were actually her. She also has pretty shitty part time jobs which gives her time to play investigative reporter.

  2. Send anything you have with full headers if you got emails. I'll post 'em.