Sunday, June 13, 2010

Harper demands $3,500 from Americans for Prosperity, is it extortion?

Read Harper whine and cry about his video product and read his W-9.

Is Harper trying to extort $3,500 from AFP? We contacted Steve Lonegan to find out. We also filled him in on some of the details of Harper's latest scam.

Update: The AFP invoice that I captured on Ron's website is now a broken link. But it was actually there and I have the screen captures and the downloaded PDF to prove it. I guess Ron didn't enjoy his latest 15 minutes of fame!

"Victoria's" secret? That now "Victoria" is hopping mad! "Victoria" is now publicly denying that it is actually Ron Harper Jr. Of course, I think Harper's credibility - if he had any left - is kaput.

Read more about Harper's unsuccessful plot to rig the election for Lieutenant Governor of PA

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