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Bombshell: Man Confesses to Aurora Theater Shooting on Youtube

I've been thinking a lot over the past few months how to approach this. One of my biggest concerns is my own personal safety, because this information could be considered very controversial. But I also see a lot of dangers in remaining silent about this as well. My original posting on this is quite long and involved a lot of research. If you really want to read it, I suggest searching for it on Google because it has been floating around there for awhile now. But it's not the approach I wanted for this main page.

I've decided that the best way to approach this is to let this individual apparently tell you himself. I am not responsible for the content of this video or any related content. Remember, I am not telling you who made this video or what purposes they had. I am leaving that conclusion up to the reader.

This video is titled "Confessions of a Serial Killer" and is found on the Youtube Channel of "Iholmie Holmes".


This is the Google Profile of "Iholmie Holmes", which - in my opinion - confirms the owner of the account. You decide for yourself.

You may not immediately believe this video. It's shocking. It deviates from everything you've been told by media about the Aurora theater shooting in 2012. That's why over the passed few days I've been leaking some information, preparing any readers of this blog that not everything is as it seems regarding this case. You may think that this video cannot possibly be real or that someone is just playing a sick game. But I am about to reveal compelling evidence that could lead you to believe that it is true.

And yes, it is kind of mind blowing and scary. So if you are faint of heart, you might want to look away and read something else.

I became alerted to all of this in about April of 2014 when the woman threw the shoe at Hillary. Much of this information about that person's name was already online, but not in the mainstream news. A big source for me was Godlikeproductions forums. And the Denver Westword blog posts of Michael Roberts.

I realized pretty quickly that the name of the shoe thrower (Allison Michelle Ernst) tied to the Aurora theater shooting trial. I was even able to find a photo of the person in question who allegedly disrupted the trial and even filed a motion to intervene in the case.

This is a still shot from news footage found through GLP forums. And this is the order regarding the motion to intervene, revealing that the filer was an "impersonator".

Order Regarding Motion to Intervene

This piqued my curiosity. I started finding out everything I could about the Aurora Theater shooting. I went on Youtube and found a video titled "Aurora Theater Investigators Targetted".

A name kept popping up that I had run across regarding the Allison Ernst blogs (mentioned on this blog in a previous post). (If you haven't noticed, I've avoided specifically using that name within this blog post). So I started Googling that name and cross referencing phrases from the blogs. I also took some tips from information posted on the Facebook page of the person these investigators said were targetting them. Again and again, I would find this same style of blog and the same type of wording. Here are some links to the things I was seeing.

For example, based on this Facebook photo, I google searched and found this. Christopher David Fortie Google Profile:


Of course, I found this - the man those Aurora investigators mentioned:


And this, one of the alleged names of the victims:


Many of the pictures and videos on the Facebook page of this person were very unsettling to me. Here are a few examples.

If you really want to get the gist of this story, you might want to browse through those profiles for a while and get a good feel for them. And check through that guy's Facebook profile photos and videos if they are still available. It's a lot of reading and viewing condensed down into a few links. I'm just hitting what I feel is most important to get the point across.

I started to realize this person that targetted the Aurora investigators was a felon who served time for identity theft/credit card fraud. Not only that, but while in prison, he became notorious for filing frivolous lawsuits. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

"The Joker". This guy is filing these lawsuits that people online are supposedly finding so hilarious. Then I started thinking about how much more this guy made sense as a suspect.

So much about what he was talking about in the blogs (such as the http://yeompyolee.blogspot.com and http://jonathanjolie.blogspot.com) actually started making sense in relation to the Batman films to me. It actually wasn't "gibberish" as it appeared at first - it was a sort of code that is just trying to come across as crazy gibbish. Here are some examples of what I mean.

The alleged "planted fingerprints" this guy mentioned in a few of the blogs; that happened in the movie - they planted Bruce Wayne's fingerprints to steal his money.

The courtroom appearance of Allison Ernst, a name shared with a CO defense attorney. This tied in with the character Two Face, in a way. Dressing up as a woman tied in with things the Joker character did in the movie. The reference to "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?" was also a plot point of the film.

It was all plot points and part of the story in the previous Batman films leading up to the Dark Knight Rises. But this posting on http://jonathanjolie.blogspot.com that contains the Slim Shady phrase at the end of the post was date stamped July 2, 2012 - almost two weeks before the shooting happened. At this point for me, red flags went up.

I started thinking, either this is an elaborate hoax that is giving this guy some kicks or this guy really set up James Holmes. My mind went back to the MTV Diggity Dave Aragon phone call about a month before the shooting.

On his Facebook page, he routinely called people and impersonated James Holmes. He attempted to call the White House collect to get a pardon for James Holmes. What if he impersonated James Holmes when he called Dave Aragon a month before the shooting?

That would be the potential proof I needed that showed that there was a serious issue here. I didn't expect I would actually find it. But I did.

This is a screenshot - it is NOT fake. If you go to that URL, you will see this page and it has those dates on it.

I realized that these were fake profiles - they do not belong to Dave Aragon. He has his own official Facebook page. The Twitter page is following a few celebrities - which ties in with this person who has been filing all the celebrity lawsuits. The Twitter user is following Kim Kardashian and Tom Cruise. When I cross-checked the blogs, I found:




If you check, there is indeed a lawsuit filed on June 18, 2012 by "Gino Romano" an online alias of the man targetting the Aurora investigators. There is also one filed for Tom Cruise filed on July 5, 2012 by "Slim Shady Holmes". Slim Shady is a term used by rapper Eminem to signify an evil alter ego.

And of course, there is a blog named that written in the same style and phrasing as all the others, signed with this person's name.


I can't prove 100% who made those Dave Aragon profiles. But use some logic and procecss of elimination. Two people could have made those social media pages on that date. One is Dave Aragon.

He doesn't make a lot of sense because how many fake social media pages of yourself have you created? And what purpose could he have had?

Another possibility is whoever was on the other end of the phone with Dave Aragon. Many have claimed it was James Holmes, but what if it was an impersonator? But let's consider James Holmes making these Dave Aragon social media pages for a moment. He would have to know this guy's blogging style to make the Dave Aragon blogspot. According to the Twitter page, he would have to know that the guy filed lawsuits against Tom Cruise and Kim Kardashian if he was trying to pin this guy on his plan. He would have had to have created all these other blogspots - some of which were created after he was put in jail. Does that logically make sense? Not really.

Also, the following Google profile seems to tie what was thrown on those papers by the Hillary shoe thrower regarding Operation Cynthia.




I would like to note that the media is feverishly attempting to modify the reason that the shoe was thrown. Now it was to bring attention to something about Afghanistan. Is it because "Operation Cynthia" makes the Patty Hearst connection? Notice the subtle similarity to the name "Allison Ernst" and "Patty Hearst"? Recall the multiple pictures of the man in a red dress? His Facebook post titled "James Eagen Holmes as Allison Ernst" even looks like he is posing as Patty Hearst.

I've noted all of this in a previous posting on this blog.


This, to me, tells the story. My gut feeling is that the wrong guy is sitting in jail waiting to go on trial for the death sentence. Could he have been set up by this self-confessed computer hacker, identity thief, credit card fraudster, and violent felon? I let it up to the reader to decide for themselves.

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