Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Anarchist group leader tied to Vegas Shooters

Full Story - SFGate

I guess the point of my recent posts is to demostrate that our national media really has become an embarassment. Quite clearly, many left wing sites used this unfortunate event to attack "right wing extremism". And of course, it ends up that the perpetrators were involved with the Occupy/Anonymous movement - not the Tea Party. Now, the FBI has come out stating that this person is claiming responsibility - a "leader" of an anarchist group. In case the media doesn't know, anarchy is very left wing.

I think our media really needs to stop convicting certain groups or people for events before there is even a trial or even before facts come out. This unethical journalism has really spiralled out of control over the past few years. I consider the lying to be very dangerous and harmful and something really needs to be done to reign it in.

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