Sunday, March 06, 2011

LIPNews calls prison warden a "lard ass". Says he should be fired.

Poor Lancaster County Prison Warden Victor Guarini is the latest victim of the Philly harasser Becky Holzinger, whose son was arrested in 2005 on assault charges.

What do Dennis Reinaker, Victor Guarini, and Scott Martin all have in common?

Lancaster County Prison Board minutes - November 18, 2010

Ron Harper, during public comment, encouraged the Board to create a team, made up of three individuals who can take tours of the Prison and/or address a specific issue on an as needed basis. He stated that he had requested the Board to do this at a prison board meeting several years ago but that they had not done so. He asked the Board to again consider this.

Mr. Harper also asked about the prison’s intake process, due to an incoming prisoner from the state assaulting his cellmate while in the housing unit for newly admitted inmates. The state prisoner had been convicted of murder, while the inmate that was attacked was incarcerated for a minor offense. The warden stated that both inmates were in the intake stage, and that the inmate received from the state had no behavior issues reported on his transfer information. In addition, both Judge Reinaker and Sheriff Bergman stated that there was no reason to believe that this inmate would assault a fellow prisoner from information provided by the state, nor were any problems encountered during his transport to Lancaster. Commissioner Martin emphasized that the state inmate is responsible for his behavior. Mr. Harper stated that ultimately the taxpayers will be picking up the tab for this incident.

Just what we need. An avowed "vigilante" law breaker hanging out with other law breakers. Lancaster Newspapers has claimed Harper is "an official prison visitor with the Pennsylvania Prison Society". All one has to do to become an official prison visitor is email The Pennsylvania Prison Society at or call (215) 564-6005.

Lipnews demands that Guarini be fired. For what? Apparently for standing up to the likes of Ron Harper. Actually, I think he should get a medal of honor.

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