Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ron Harper Jr. posed online as Aaron Guhl, stalked me via Facebook has an interesting feature when you sign in called "Forgot Password"? Anyone can browse to that page and enter any email address. If the email wasn't ever entered into, it just says it's an invalid email address. But look. has a account.

Here is Harper posing as Aaron Guhl trying to dig for information from me. He kept trying to tell me that he was Aaron Guhl and that he was being stalked by Ron Harper Jr. He would send me snippets claiming they were from him.

Harper also made several comments into this blog as "rgmg" and "anonymous".

At the time of this posting (March 6), an IP address I believe is Harper's has logged onto my site using his I-Phone or computer 7 times during March. He is checking this website daily. And he checks it by first logging into Google and using the keyword "Smart Retorts". Lipnews occassionally has been doing the same. They believe that the tracker on my website is not logging their visits, but it is.

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