Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scandal at LNP!!!

Lancaster Newspaper's former Electronics Project Manager part of a ring that was harassing people on the Talkback forum and banning people based on political beliefs, which was shut down for several months last year.

The Players

Palmer Brown - former Electronics Project Manager at Lancaster Newspapers. Used several screennames on his own Lancaster Talkback forum including LOLBoss, LOLCzar, areaman, Buck, possibly others.

Ron Harper Jr. - former "investigative reporter" who seemed to regularly target political opponents of former Lancaster County Democrat Committee Chairman Bruce Beardsley (John Barley, Gib Armstrong, etc...).

Randolph Carney aka Artie.See - currently running for the School Board of Lancaster to get involved in politics over the Convention Center, former administrator on Lanctalk.com, a Talkback forum clone. Carney was fired from his position at Lanctalk for abusing his administrative privileges. He worked with Harper on Lancaster First blog and wrote columns in Harper's Lancasterpost publication. Randolph is an avowed "mainstream Democrat" who supports Obama's unconstitutional (and now defunded) Obamacare law.

Steve Johnson aka Citydweller - Admin on Lanctalk.com, a Talkback forum clone. Wrote columns in Harper's Lancasterpost publication.

Some examples of connections

Lipnews Scrat

Lancaster Independent Press breaks the story that LoLBoss is Palmer Brown and many others on the forum are also LNP employees.


Palmer and Harper chit chat. Harper: "Oh Palmer, you are so dreamy!"


Harper essentially threatens to catch someone with "misapplied laws" in the "industrial judicial complex". Over a finch!


Many of these "independent" blogs and forums don't appear to be independent at all, but rather, part of an elaborate ring devised to manipulate news in the county.

For example, the Stormygirl story has been exposed as an effort by Steve Mohr of the USP to send attack dog Ron Harper Jr. after the PGC's Jerry Feaser. This story was routinely run in Lancaster Newspapers even after the "huge crowd of protestors in Harrisburg" was pictured as five people - part of the same group of activists.

No huge crowd here, just a handful of Harper's Sheeple. I strongly suspect the two unnamed individuals are Ad Crable, who wrote the LNP columns, and Steve Mohr of the USP. Read more that exposes this at Lazy Lanc News.

This should also call into question who exactly was involved in this?

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