Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Breaking News! LIPNews Internet abuse causes's message board to shut down!

Dear people of Columbia, since 2005 I've tried to maintain a great site for everyone to enjoy. Over they years we as a community have done many great things, and made a great town. As with all things though it is time to move on, and that means that effective immediately the forums will be shut down. I am doing this because of someone has no respect and would rather hurt my family then be reasonable, and understanding. She would spread slanderous rumors before checking facts like a real investigative reporter would. So you all have her to thank. If I had more time to manage this part of the website then I would reconsider but that is not the case. We are going to replace these forums with a better system that can be moderated prior to posts. This forum will stay up for a few more days with this topic unlocked for comment. Thanks again.


for the record according to Norton Safe Web This website has a 100% Clean rating and contains no virus. Here's the link to prove it.

"Revenge is best when it doesn’t come immediately. If you work for an immediate result, ie: revenge, often it can come off as messy, or desperate, or like you are trying to win. Not a good impression.

But sometimes, if you wait long enough, revenge comes. And it is neat and perfect and you didn’t have to work for it at all.

Sometimes the universe is generous like that.

It’s important to pay attention to such moments. Don’t revel too long, because that can make you petty and past-ridden and thirsting for more blood. You don’t want to live there. A need for revenge has the potential to poison your life.

But you can certainly acknowledge that the score has been settled at last."

Coming soon, the website that will be a public registry of an online mental patient:

Admittedly a client of Evergreen Associates' Dr. Andrew Vogelson, Becky "Butterface" Holzinger. Woof! Becky is the "someone with no respect". Becky was also a pawn in the FINCH FRAUD story I reported on Monday.

Becky has wanted my wife and I arrested for about three or four years now because I'm blogging without a valid drivers license. As you can tell, Becky has "some issues".

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