Monday, July 05, 2010

Caught red handed - finch fraud!

Steve Mohr: "Feaser is no match for Harper".

Lancaster Newspapers has been perpetuating this falsity since mid-May. The truth is, this is a continuation of a Steve Mohr-Jerry Feaser spat over deer population. The Stormygirl story was a lie perpetuated and sensationalized by these people pictured above.

There is no "huge outrage" over this story. That's why you see the five imbeciles pictured above by themselves.

Harper has AGAIN attempted to divide Lancaster and this time over a FINCH. It's pretty pathetic when you think about it.

I won't be intimidated or silenced into not writing this story. And believe me, I've been intimidated directly as has my family. But I'm not afraid to tell the truth about this. I'm not afraid to dispel the lies.

Because it starts here. And then he convinces you of something else. And then another issue. And before you know it, you're saluting the Nazi flag and goosestepping along with Barack.

And I say "Fuck that".

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  1. why do you think that the story is a lie? You have no facts to support that what happened at the Mattrick residence is a complete fabrication. What motivated you to post your thoughts on this? Are you in the PGC's back pocket?