Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lancaster Circle jerks regroup after Lancasteronline Talkback downfall - Surprise! Gil Smart leads the charge!

Busted! - this link establishes that "Maffimuk" intended to create a site similar to Lancaster's Talkback and POOF! magically appears! Wow!

Here is a screen capture of bigmaclender2's Facebook profile (Chris McDonald). ("Chris" in the previous link). Chris seems to know "Maffimuk". "Ron" is Ron Harper Jr.'s facebook profile and I believe the picture is of himself as a child, ironically.

Partying with Gil Smart. This link establishes that Gil Smart met "Maffimuk" aka "Studmuffin" in person.

It has been established that Maffimuk (aka Studmuffin) lives in the Strasburg/Christiana PA from publicly listed online profiles. Maffimuk's Youtube page indicates he is 35. Also, the screenname is a Pinoy phrase that means "no brainer", meaning he is most likely Filipino.

Oh, and I'd be interested in knowing from in the first link ...who are the "mean people", Harper? Hmmmm? Comments here are left open if you'd like to post as Victoria some more. Do tell!

"Mainstream Democrat" Randolph Carney (Artie See) and Steve Johnson (Citydweller) went on to create

Click here to read more about their online douchebaggery.

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