Sunday, May 16, 2010 takes the place of Talkback Lancaster: Mouthpiece of local communist supporters is operated by two former Talkback posters.

aka Randolph Carney

aka Steve Johnson

Randolph Carney, a "mainstream Democrat" has worked side by side with Ron Harper Jr. on the according to his blogger profile. [Screenshot]

However, the site itself is not so forthcoming with who owns and operates it for some reason.

Recently, it was divulged that Ron Harper Jr. was behind the political attack blog which also did not contain an obvious identifier (although a little digging led back to the perpetrator). It was filled with dirty politics and false attacks against Cawley, apparently at the behest of Chet Beiler, another candidate for Lieutenent Governor of Pennsylvania. Beiler could not be reached for comment. Cawley has referred to the attack blog as "half truths and misquotes" and has also requested that the false TV ad be pulled from the air.

According to Carney's Facebook page, he supports the Progressive/Communist healthcare plan Obama is attempting to implement by 2014.

This blog will keep a close watch on developments and report accordingly.

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