Friday, May 14, 2010

Catfight!? Hardly.

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Notice anything familiar at One Harper Lane that appears in the ad? Coincidence?

Republican lieutenant governor hopeful Jim Cawley has asked primary opponent Chet Beiler to remove this TV ad, which purports to show a senior citizen upset with property taxes in Bucks County. The woman is an actress and doesn't live in Bucks County.

And as of today, the website has been unaccessible.

This blogger strongly suspects candidate for Lieutenant Governor Chet Beiler might have hired none other than Ron Harper Jr. to engage in dirty campaign tricks.

Read the letter sent to Chet.

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Update: The site was back up the next day and the video in question has not been removed. I guess they're trying to keep their fingers crossed since they've spent all of their money at this point.

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