Sunday, August 13, 2017

Was Car Wreck at White Nationalist Event in Charlotte Purposeful? Or Was the Car Wreck a Result of Irresponsible Acts of Protestors?

You can see the car approaching slowly until someone smacks the back of the car. Then it accelerates and swerves wildly only after the strike. The driver apparently panicked after the initial attack. This video shows someone smack the back of the car just before the wreck at about 4 seconds into the video:

There is a mark visible on the car just before the accident in this photo approximately where the car was stricken. Notice that the brake lights are lit.

The car was fully stopped when attacked by several people wielding bats and clubs.

At about 50:21, the same group of "protestors" attacks a Lexus earlier in the day. The bumper is kicked, rocks and a bottle are thrown in the video. This was an established pattern of behavior for the day.

This is a screenshot from the video showing the kick to the Lexus.

This man was clearly fleeing for his life and/or trying to protect his car. Update: James Alex Fields Jr. appears to have been photographed with Vanguard America according to the NY Times. However, the group denies that he is a member of the group. The victim in the car crash was identified as Heather Heyer, age 32.

Really don't think he was there to harm people as he could have easily took out about 40 people if he meant to. And if he was not attacked with bat wielding morons, the number of people injured probably would have been alot less.

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