Saturday, June 14, 2014

Las Vegas Shooters tied to Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, Right Wing Connections Appear Fabricated

Wow, listen to the media blare can hear a mouse fart!

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We were told that this cop killing in Vegas was done by "right wing extremists". But that appears to have been a bold-faced lie as more comes out about Amanda and Jerad's life in Indiana (where they came from). They have been pictured demostrating with the hacker group Anonymous and tied to Occupy, a largely left wing organization that attempted to rival the Tea Party.

Facebook for Million Mask March

These are pictures purported to be Jerad and Amanda Miller holding signs promoting the "Million Mask March" organized by Anonymous and stemming from the Occupy movement, largely recognized to be left wing groups.

Notice the timing of this cop killing incident, right before a major election where the Tea Party still managed to capture a major win by defeating Eric Cantor?

Infowars, thankfully, has already covered a lot about this story, showing how the man responsible for the crime was a known felon who used meth and there have been several photos and a video of the man dressed up acting like the "Joker". Please note that the "Joker" video with Jerad has him repeating a lot of right wing ideology about "tyranny", but it is done in the context of him acting "psychotic". In other words, Jerad's views were not right wing.

The video with the flag used as a backdrop (desecrating and mocking the American flag) is only one small example of why Jerad is clearly not right wing. The very incident involved him draping the Gadsden Flag over a corpse, laying it on the ground. Clearly, this is not something a true patriot would do.

A lot of evidence is mounting that this person was attempting to infiltrate the Bundy Ranch under the guise of being a right wing person. Another fact is that the Facebook logo he was using that said "Patriot" was stolen from a Marine Veteran website called "". It's clear that Jerad was not a veteran or a Marine, and was a known felon.

This is not the major story I am breaking, but it ties in, as you will see.

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