Friday, April 18, 2014

Is there more to the Hillary shoe thrower?

Is there more to this strange story than what we are being told?

West Word 2012 story

"Allison Michelle Ernst" disrupted the James Holmes trial. Several blogs in her name appear on line with posts by "Jonathan Lee Riches".

West Word makes connections

Some suggestions on forums and discussion boards seem to suggest "Allison" may really be a man.

Godlike Productions forum link:

More pics and discussion.

Allison Michelle Ernst is actually a man named Jonathon Lee Riches, I believe. The media wants to keep that a secret, so they pass on that it was a woman.

This page on Jonathan Lee Riches Official Tumblr contains an open admission "I am also Allison Ernst".

JLR sends his regards sort of

The body proportions just aren't right! A shorter index finger is a 95% male trait. It's a wig. The chest and its build are way too low to be realistic. The arms are too big. Is this really a man in disguise? The media again refers to this similar looking individual as "Allison Michelle Ernst". What are the odds?

Operation Cynthia, the Patty Hearst reference?

"Allison" is reported to have not only thrown a shoe at Hillary Clinton, but also dropped some papers regarding "Operation Cynthia. Here is one of the best explanations I have read as to why.

Still from a photo found on the Facebook page of Jonathan Lee Riches titled "James Holmes as Allison Ernst".

Operation Cynthia, Tania, and Alison

Jonathan Lee Riches attempted to legally change his name to "James Eagan Holmes".

To really understand JLR, you have to understand that he is known as the most litigious man in America. He is also known for robbing banks and he has been known to frequently steal identities. In fact, he has walked right into banks and assumed the identities of his marks on a regular basis, according to the news stories I've read. I have to wonder whether or not he has assumed the identity of a woman and is living out some kind of strange fantasy? If so, it's a convincing makeover, I have to admit. Some people will probably be convinced it could not be the same person, but these days, it isn't so hard to reshape your nose, you can go on a website like and for $30 you can massively reshape your nose over a period of several months. There are a lot of other ways to modify your appearance, like wearing a wig, using makeup, or putting on a costume.

Its the media's responsibility to follow up and report the truth about this, not just sweep it under the rug because it might be politically damaging. Seeing as JLR is a known bank robber, you have to wonder where that money went and how "Allison" managed to get that close to Hillary. Did he/she make a donation?

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