Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dispelling more Democrat myths on the eligibility issue

Lie #1 being passed around: Mitt released a "Certification of Live Birth", why no outcry about whether it is a legitimate birth certificate?

Fact: Romney's document is certified. Obama's is not.

As this site has reported before, the state of Hawaii treats their version of the "Certifcation of Live Birth" very differently than other states, such as Michigan - where Romney's is from. Hawaii's document can be "accepted" or it can be "filed". The filed version does not necessarily have to be certified or authentic. As you can see, Obama's "COLB" is only filed (vs. accepted).

This can be questioned. On the other hand, Mitt clearly has his document certified on the bottom line.

Fact: Romney's document has two US citizen parents on it. Obama's does not.

It is a well-known fact that Obama's father was a Kenyan citizen and never became a US citizen, in contradiction with Article II Section 1 Clause 5 requiring all US Presidents to be - not just a citizen - but a "natural born citizen". The Supreme Court ruled in 1875 that both parents must be US citizens and Barack Obama himself co-sponsored Senate Resolution 511 for McCain which required both of McCain's parents to be US citizens in order to have "natural born citizen" status.

Although Mitt's document shows his father was born in Mexico, it is a verified fact that George Romney became a US citizen as a child - before Mitt was even born.

These two key differences show that there is no need to examine whether or not Mitt meets the natural born citizen eligibility REQUIREMENT set forth in the Constitution. A certified document with two US citizen parents is very different than a questionable document with one US citizen parent.

Lie #2. Chester A Arthur did not have two US citizen parents.

Fact: This one is a half truth at best.

When Chester A Arthur was born, both parents were not US citizens. That is true.

However, William Arthur, his father, became a US citizen in 1843 - nearly 40 years before Chester Arthur became President (after the assassination of President James A Garfield).

The Constitution does not say that "Natural Born citizen" means that you have two US citizen parents at the time of your birth. It's a requirement for eligibility at the time you run for office.

Ironically, this was a big issue during Chester A Arthur's time in office.

The fact is, Chester A Arthur did have two US citizen parents at some point. Obama, on the other hand, never did.

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