Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Libs display how ignorant they are about geography and history

Liberals are complaining that Mitt said England was a small island. Well, in the context of history, England was an island. And compared to other countries, England was comparatively small.

England was a unified kingdom from the 10th century to the 18th century. The United Kingdom today is still considered the island.

You can read for yourself the context of the quote under the heading "The Sun Sets on the British Empire" (indicating to most intelligent readers that England lost the American colonies during the 18th century). When you continue reading on the very next page, the historical context of the passage becomes obvious.


Another lie liberals are passing around demonstrating their profound ignorance of geography is their claim that Mitt is incorrect about a reference he made to Iran's "Route to the Sea".

Romney discussed Iran's "Route to the Sea". Libs claim ....oh wow! but they can get to the sea THIS WAY!!!


However, Romney’s comments are more accurate than they first seem. Going through Syria could provide Iran with easier access to the Mediterranean for supplies and operations. The Jerusalem Post reported in August that Syria was allowing Iran to build a multimillion-dollar army base on Syria’s coast. The move was seen as a way for Iran to funnel arms shipments to Bashar Assad’s regime, but could also give Iran direct access to the Mediterranean. Last February, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Iranian warships passed into the Mediterranean (through the Suez Canal) to conduct a joint exercise with Syria. Hassan Mneimneh, a fellow at the German Marshall Fund, said Romney provided a ‘‘relatively accurate’’ picture of Syria’s importance to Iran. Mneimneh said there has been speculation about the strategic importance of Iran’s securing the states between itself and the Mediterranean, particularly Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. Mneimneh said the most important consideration for Iran is its ability to supply Hezbollah, a role Syria has assumed even without Iran’s having full control of its ‘‘route to the sea.’’

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