Monday, July 23, 2012

Interesting Comparison of Mark Davis (Son of Frank Marshall Davis) with Barack Obama

Barack Obama's half-brother is Mark Kaleokualoha Davis?

Kaleokualoha’s 1950 Birth Certificate:

Barack Obama’s Short Form Birth Certificate: BC.pdf

Childhood Photo of Kaleokualoha:

Childhood Photo of Barack Obama:

High School Photo of Kaleokualoha:

High School Photo of Barack Obama:

Kaleokualoha Today:

Barack Obama Today:

More Kaleokualoha Photos and Documents:

More photos

Autobiography of Kaleokualoha:


Kaleokualoha despises all journalists that attempt to connect Barack Obama with his father Frank Marshall Davis, whether ideologically or biologically:

Obama-davis relationshipv Kaleokualoha youtube

Kaleokualoha lives in Las Vegas, Nevada: mylife profile

Perhaps Kaleokualoha would be willing to do a DNA test to verify his claim that he is not related to Obama.

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