Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year from Uncle Stinky!

Yes, it’s the president’s beloved Uncle Omar, chilling out Friday night at the Chicken Bone in Framingham, the same bar outside of which he was arrested for drunk driving last summer. He’s got a full beard now, but he was easy to spot. The illegal alien fondly known as “Stinky” to the patrons of his workplace, Conti’s Liquors, was by himself, wandering the ginmill, a glass of brown water in his hand. (Read the photographer’s account below). Odd, though, that he wasn’t vacationing with the rest of the family in Hawaii — er, Asia. Guess his invitation and plane tickets were lost in the mail. It would have been easy for the Framingham PD to stake out the Bone, but it probably wouldn’t have been wise — his lawyer has already accused the cops of violating his Fourth Amendment rights by stopping him at all (he blew a .14 on the Breathalyzer). And God knows his uncle the president doesn’t mind accusing a Massachusetts police department of “acting stupidly” whenever one arrests a black man behaving badly.

The New Year will no doubt hold much excitement for Uncle Omar. First, the inevitable dismissal of the OUI charges. Then the petition for political refugee status, which will be rubberstamped, enabling everyone’s favorite illegal alien uncle to quit Conti’s Liquors once and for all and join Auntie Zeituni on the dole!

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