Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Historic" hurricane ends up being somewhat of a dud

The hurricane Obama referred to as "historic" hit the Outer Banks with the highest sustained winds recorded around 60 MPH. While the hurricane was supposed to hit as a Category 2, it was reported that it made landfall as only a Category 1 - the lowest level. I watched a video of two reporters driving down the road in the Outer Banks, North Carolina talking about whether or not this should even be referred to as a "hurricane".

Up until recently, this area was in the 80MPH wind zone. This morning, that has changed to sustained winds in the range of 31-37 MPH with gust reaching up to 50. I want to stress that this can still be hazardous and that you should take precautions from this level of wind. However, I hardly think that you can call these winds "historic".

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