Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still the best evidence of digital manipulation in Obama's LFBC

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This to me, is still the BEST evidence that Obama's long for birth certificate is forgery. Add to that that it does not have the seal of Hawaii on it and the governor of Hawaii will not comment on its authenticity, according to reports from WND. Also, the fact that it opens up in layers in Illustrator is highly suspect.

Look closely at the lines in the blank boxes. Look at the pixels very closely and see how they are arranged. Amazingly, they are identical. What ARE the odds?

This image shows form field 4 with two identical blank boxes for "1st" and "2nd". It is suspected that whoever made this birth certificate used the Nordyke twin's birth certificate and had to paste over the checked "2nd" box with a blank box.

This is obvious digital manipulation. Someone took the blank box image, cut it, and paste it elsewhere. Why? The image above is form field 3 after the word twin (of Obama's birth certificate) compared to form field 7g after "yes".

See for yourself here.

The video above shows that the letter "B" in Obama is a perfect digital match - down to the pixels - to the "B" typed in another location.

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