Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harper accuses Lipnews of "needing serious help on her computer skills"

The following image was found on a domain owned by Ron Harper Jr. Harper owns at least 30 domains which he registered via under the name "Melody Media LLC". The following was found at, which was formerly a mock website which announced an April Fool's joke that Harper was going to run for Lancaster County commissioner. Currently, this domain is a "mirror site" of, a website owned by Becky Holzinger of Philadelphia.

This domain is publicly registered to Ron, and his name appears in the erase.doc file found on his domain.

Also, an anonymous blog showing Harper was found online called Ron Harper Jr. Blogspot. The videos depict three "bad jokes" told by Harper.

Ron Harper Jr. is pictured above. Looks like Harper needs some serious help on his comedy routine, if you ask me.

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