Monday, January 10, 2011

Warning. False "Republican registration page" circulates Internet for Jared Lee Loughner

Warning, the following image is not real it has been altered using Adobe Photoshop CS5 on a MAC OS X.

You can view the fraudulent document here.

UPDATE. The above link was disabled, but the file is also saved here.


If you download this file and open it in a program such as Wordpad, you can see the following in plain text. (Layers in Photoshop are how you manipulate text graphically). Here is a short snippet.

photoshop:TextLayers rdf:Bag rdf:li photoshop:LayerName="Legislative Districts / Information:" photoshop:LayerText="Legislative Districts / Information:"

rdf:li photoshop:LayerName="Senate District: 27 Congressional District:" photoshop:LayerText="Senate District: 27 Congressional District: 08 US Senators" rdf:li photoshop:LayerName="JARED LEE LOUGHNER 7741 N SOLEDAD AVE TUCSON AZ 85741-1316 " photoshop:LayerText="JARED LEE LOUGHNER 7741 N SOLEDAD AVE TUCSON AZ 85741-1316 Political Affiliation of record: REPUBLICAN Can I vote in my partyĆ¢€™s election? Yes Pima County Clerk"

^^ this text was pulled directly from the image linked above. The image has been digitally edited and is NOT real.

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  1. The REAL version. Check for yourself. Be sure to enter Jared Lee as the first name, not just Jared.

    FIRST NAME: Jared Lee
    LAST NAME: Loughner
    DRIVER'S LICENSE #: D03893676
    DATE OF BIRTH: 9/10/1988