Monday, September 27, 2010

Best News I've Heard All Decade

GOP Majority will issue "birther subpoenas". Good! Fantastic! That's the best news I've heard in a long time. Issue the subpoenas and toss Obama out on his can. He isn't eligible to even be there. Think about it.

Everyone has to admit that Obama has NO idea what he is doing as President. He has no prior experience at all. The Democrats have become a dangerous, perilous threat to this nation and I think that there is more than enough grounds to have Obama impeached and removed from office. In fact, I think we could do a lot more at this point. But I digress. Removal of Mr. Obama from the highest office in this land would be a good starting point at recovery and would suffice.

Will Obama do it? Of course not. Obama's interests are not for what is best for this country. It's unfortunate that so many others do not want to do what is best for this country. But what is best for this country will be done, if it has to be done dragging the rest kicking, screaming and throwing their "oh-so-mature" hissy fit all the way.

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