Monday, August 23, 2010

Obama stem cell policy gets shitcanned

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This is one of the first things President Asshat did. And I knew from that point on that this knucklehead was going to be nothing but trouble for the United States of America. He literally has no understanding at all of science and was basically just reversing the intelligent decision President Bush had made. (Yes, President Bush made a good decision and it was actually quite a few of them).

I am so pleased that Obama's policy got shitcanned and I hope there is a whole lot more of that to come. He's obviously a socialist/progressive and America does NOT need this shit now anymore than it needed it at any other point in US history.

Electing this guy was a complete and utter mistake. And I am not even 100% sure that America actually did elect this guy considering everything that has come to light. Good job, Supremes!

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