Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mohr tall-tales from the USP, fake cougars and fake illegal seizures of finches

Listen to Steve Mohr make an ass of himself on AM radio.

"Go USP" makes a threat directed at Jerry Feaser in 2006. See the comment at the bottom.

Hunters Get Day in Court - the USP files two unsuccessful lawsuits against the PGC and finally gets their "day in court". I'm still trying to figure out the outcome of the case.

PA Cougar report posted on a bulletin board This is the story with pictures of Steve Mohr at the scene. The story comes from the USP. It's actually a pretty interesting story about Mountain Lions. Too bad someone made it up. There weren't any mountain lions.

False cougar report - you have to scroll down for this one to read it. It's an article called "A Farmer silenced about Mountain Lions". No feline blood on the knife involved...hmmm....

Unified Sportsmen of Pa - a front group? Steve Mohr is the supposed President of this group. This is a mirror site named which seems to match up to the username of the threat issued in 2006.

Mohr's claim that his organization has over 30,000 members is highly suspect. If you go to the bottom of his site, he has an Extreme Tracker which indicates there have been 36,240 "unique visitors" to his site since 2006. I suspect that is where he is getting his phony number.

UPDATE: I now have Steve Mohr on record stating that the Mattrick's contacted Ron Harper Jr. He also believes that Feaser is no match for Harper. What a frickin' dope! You can review the full text of his admissions at Lazy Lanc News.

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