Monday, July 12, 2010

Disband the Lancaster County Human Relations Commission!

Save our county $470,000!!!!

Martin said the commissioners are looking at the possibility of eliminating the county's Human Relations Commission as an efficiency move that could save the county $470,000.

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A Facebook group suggests that this will end Civil Rights legislation. I question the verity of the statement and the creator of the group has been cited just last year for engaging in fighting and looks like he's a 20 year old pothead.
Martin said he wants to determine if the protections provided by the county commission already are provided by the state Human Relations Commission.

(Hint: Yeah, they are!)

And while we're at it, who exactly funded the huge billboard that I saw about Fair Housing in PA with a link to a stupid county website? Who gave you the go ahead to spend this county's tax dollars on this garbage? I think heads need to roll.

I know what the first words out of the mouths of these douchebags will be. "You oppose civil rights! You oppose fair housing!". No, no I don't. But I do oppose your foolish spending and irresponsible dissemination of your own personal propaganda at taxpayer expense.

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