Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Harper doing in Bucks County now with Bill "The Broom" O'Neill?

Note: This is a political parody picture based on a famous Karl Rove "frog march" picture. This is not an actual picture of Ron Harper Jr. being arrested.

After trying to rig the election for Lieutenant Governor with Chet Beiler and Bob Guzzardi back in May, Harper is now involved somehow with Bill O'Neill's website. Jim Cawley - Harper's harassment victim- was from Bucks County and so is O'Neill. Harper left his unfinished work on his public domain, which he might have used to extort $3,500 from Americans for Prosperity earlier in the month as I've reported.

Harper has since removed the page.

However, you can find the full sister page at Is O'Neill Harper's next extortion victim?

If you want to contact Bill O'Neill to address your concerns about Harper and his recent online antics, feel free to contact

Be warned, a man by the same name in Northampton has a lengthy criminal record.

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