Monday, June 07, 2010

"Tough Guy" Harper gets emotional, "almost" bawls - media no show

Read this on LIPNews today and I had to laugh.

Jodi reports that Ron Harper was very emotional and almost cried several times during his presentation.

Bwahahahahahaa! Seriously? "Tough guy" Ron Harper Jr. was emotional and crying at his "Press Conference" with less than ten people there? That's too funny, but worthy of mention, IMHO.

Doesn't Harper have a job? How could he hold a "press conference" at 11am on a Monday.

Maybe Harper was really weepy about the low attendance of his latest publicity stunt. Just sayin'. Did he really make a PowerPoint Presentation for an audience of less than 10 people? HAaha!

Oh how the "mighty" have fallen - reduced to childish online antics in a feeble attempt to redeem his "good name".

"And monkeys will fly out of my butt"

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