Saturday, June 05, 2010

Oh No! Harper sicks his Philly nutjob on me! Now I'm askeerd!

Becky Holzinger of LIPNews wants me "charged and arrested!"

This is the psycho who wants to let convicted child killers like Joy Oshea-woomer set free, but wants to lock up troublesome me because I asked to see Obama's birth certificate. Lethal levels of morpheine in an 11 year old crippled boy? - no problem! Got it.

She'd also rather post eleven stories about a finch than post even one about the government corruption that Ron Harper Jr. was potentially behind in the election process.

I guess it doesn't bother her that Harper gets on her blog as "Victoria" with his comments knowing full well that he was just charged in April of this year with harassment and trespass.

Holzinger used to attend Evergreen Associates' Dr. Andrew Vogelson and might still be getting help for her mental problems. I might just have to investigate further.

It's the same old group, apparently bitter that Talkback Lancasteronline - their tool to harass me online, was obliterated. Harper. Holzinger. Brown. The whole crew! Now they're back and wanting more. Really? Do you really want more? Because I'm sorry to say that more is coming. Much, much more.

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