Friday, June 25, 2010

Now the finchlady wasn't even there! The story just keeps changing!

That changed two days after the Intelligencer Journal New Era ran the Stormygirl story, when The Pennsylvania Game Commission, with backup from an armed Elizabethtown police officer, seized Stormygirl. Mattrick was away at the time; she found out Stormygirl was gone from her husband.

A post from Lipnews purporting to be from

Say what?

Pati Mattrick was not even in the house at the time? The story we were getting before is that Pati was home alone when six cop cars came busting into her house. They must have come then because Pati's 6'6" tall husband was away. The story was that the police officers blockaded Pati into a room while they chased the bird throughout the house and created enough ruckus that the neighbors heard it. None of the story is fucking true according to this report!

This whole story stinks to high heaven. Quite honestly, I hope "Stormygirl" (if this finch even ever existed) is dead. Then maybe these loons will shut the hell up and start worrying about important issues.

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