Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"DON'T HELP STORMYGIRL!" Facebook page

New group on Facebook. LoL!

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  1. I had blocked Harper Jr, but he somehow found a way to Facebook Email me on a letter to the editor I wrote. Here is the Email he sent to me just today:

    Greetings Aaron - I presume you wrote a letter to the editor regarding me? I find it interesting that you felt the need to maligned me or were you 'standing up' for John Fry?

    In any case, are you aware that the day I was assaulted that I was REPLACING the newspaper box that was taken by F&M security? Instead of returning it to where it belonged or to me, they took it back to their police station where if I went looking for it they'd arrest me. Instead, I reported it stolen to the police.

    The ONLY reason I was there that day is because the F&M police took my box.

    Second, the law and even F&M acknowledge that I had/have a RIGHT to put the box on that corner. They had NO right to prevent me from putting it there even thought they did.

    Next, case law is clear that police have ZERO expectation of privacy and can be video/audio tape ANY TIME they are on duty. PERIOD.

    There's more but you get the idea.

    Most importantly though your letter shows that you fail to grasp the concept of liberty and freedom that my forefather's gave their life's blood to obtain. This is not hyperbole - they really did die to win our freedoms which would include being able to publish a story and not have police steal your distribution box and then attack, molest and jail you when you replace it.

    As a young person (I have five children including a 23 year old) your lack of idealism and defense of 'the man' is pitiful and saddens me to think the next generation is so won over.

    I suggest that you do not know me and invite you to have coffee and discuss. You might be surprise. Give me a call sometime or drop and email @ 469-5669

    See my latest posting on too on a judge and some cops not following obeying the law.