Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tale of Two Victorias, both are epic failures

Note: This is a political parody picture based on a famous Karl Rove "frog march" picture. This is not an actual picture of Ron Harper Jr. being arrested.

This just in, Harper denies posting as Victoria! He wants an apology!

Ok, Here is your apology Little Dick! Victoria's is a restaurant down around Dewey Beach Delaware, I believe. Hmmmm, I wonder who might have made the first two posts as "victoria"? I bet it wasn't Harper!

One problem, though. It looks like Harper DID post as Victoria when the visits to my website registered his Firefox 3.6 hits. How do I know Harper uses Firefox? Click here and check which groups Harper belongs to!. Oh look! "Mozilla Firefox". Google Cache is "da bomb"!

Want to bet that Harper's "Get rich quick scheme" isn't going to get too far?

(Photo from Google Cache of Harper's Facebook page)

So, who is the "other" (lower case v) victoria? Don't worry. the_cRoW knows!!!

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